Question, after-the-fact

hello all,

i’ve read some research information on here from time to time.

a small amount about myself. i’m diagnosed schizophrenic(duh!). abstract-minded, obsessive. always connecting one too many dots, like i imagine a lot of you do?

I’m neither against or for psychiatry, but i’ve had great success with dietary changes, and supplements such as super food mixes.

at this point, i feel very well, able to hold my job, think rationally, and experience things on a better level

but the delusional thoughts and thought patterns I’ve had up to this point have utterly destroyed my common ground with others. i find that getting out and talking helps me find a connection, but their world-view is based on things that are no concern to me, such as certain social conventions(e.g. marriage, off-handed responsibility, contextual feelings, demographic-based norms)

i myself do not feel that i belong to any thing or group, but feel that it is expected of me to be able to convene properly.

this feels a small bit what some people will describe as ego death.

a question, split into segments:

  • after exiting the social and real-world bubble for some time, how does a person find their way back
  • what percentage of “the normals” behavior is social-based(vs intinct)
  • how much should i care

Don’t really have any idea at all what these are supposed to mean.

Meds can help you think more normally. The right meds + socializing as much as possible is probably the way to go.

That’s impossible to answer.

You should care to the extent that your life is missing something important. It sounds to me like it is, but you might not fully know what you’re missing until you try changing this with meds and other helpful tactics, with an open mind, and see if anything changes.

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I want to answer - What percentage of the normals behaviour social based (vs instinct) — All money related.

Ive noticed that people care a lot about gossip and pop culture. Meanwhile I care about very little. It does make con versation a little difficult.

thankyou for the response. i have tried a couple types of anti-psychotics, with little success so far, though i’m willing to try again. it’s just very hard to believe that our brains cannot self heal.

i really don’t feel that i’m missing much. however unfortunately to live i have to communicate on a daily basis, and the jest is that my psychology will mis-align with their psychology to the point of denial or rejection.

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Most normal people are not so analytical.

When you say social-based(vs instinct) you’re making a separation that doesn’t really exist. They are using Social Instincts.

Exposure is the only way to join the world.

It may be that meds have nothing to do with your problems with communication, or it may be that they have everything to do with it. There’s just one way to find out. Other than that, I think trying to socialize with others with the aim of learning to understand how they think would be helpful. At any rate, it’s OK to be different. Good luck!

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that makes a lot of sense, but isn’t there a seperation from instincts at some point? or a sliding scale even? e.g “vs logic”

Definitely. Logic isn’t very instinctual or social-based. IMO

i wish to believe that :< thanks!

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interesting. it makes me wonder if one of my own issues is the mixing of all these things.

Having sz is an experience ppl without it cannot begin to imagine unless they are a psychiatrist. Once you have fully developed it you are already far removed from normal societal values and norms. You are literally in-sane. You cannot return to a pre-illness state of mind because psychoses and delusions have altered your perspective. Instead, you somehow live with it whilst functioning as best you can in your own community. That is what makes living with sz complicated!

Conformity defines most people’s behaviour. Laws are in place to regulate civil society and curb unchecked instinct so that society follows a harmonious pattern. To step outside of those prohibited lines means punitive consequences. Fear, then, is the undercurrent beneath people’s following the so-called norms.[quote=“tyngerra, post:1, topic:87759”]

  • how much should i care

You only have one life, Schizophrenia and you are living in a society which misunderstands you. Guilt, shame, grief, resentment are just some of the emotions you have to deal with. I would advise you to be gentle with yourself and care about living one day at a time. Society will take care of itself with or without you.

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  1. You don’t find your way back, in my opinion it’s a vast uncrossable chasm. The best you can do is pretend like you’re on their side.

  2. Social behavior pretty much IS instinct for “normal” people, humans are naturally social beings.

  3. That’s for you to decide. Do you care still about forming social bonds with other people? Or not?