Question about Working and SSI

How much can I make per month and how much can I work per month without losing my benefits? Thanks.

Call social security, it’s complicated at first

As far as I know, you can make up to $880/month

My guy told me it was about $600 a month, so ask your case worker. Make an appointment to see them. It is worth it.

In 2015 it is 780 per month. It usually goes up like 10 or 20 dollars every year or every other year. Go to look under working while disabled. It will be explained in detail.

You should call the experts on this one. You do realize we have a $2,000 asset limit, correct? We can’t have more than $2,000 in or out of a bank. That needs to change.

In 2014 Democrats posed a change that would give us a $10,000 asset limit. That sounds much more reasonable and needs to happen, but unfortunately it’ll never pass so long as Congress or President is Republican owned.

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Are you sure this is a Social Security rule and not medicare/cade?

The problem with working is that the SS benefits are only supposed to be temporary, until you can work again, they are not meant to be indefinitely (unless they declare you so), so they want to transition you back into a job so they can stop your payments, naturally of course.

Sounds economically viable, but still $2,000 is nonsensical. Those standards were created in 1989. It’s 2015 and $2,000 doesn’t stretch nearly as far as it did in the late 80’s. They need to update the standard so that we can breathe.

In March of 2014 they were proposing a $10,000 raise, so my hopes are up that it’ll happen.

Edit: Yes, it is an SSi rule.

I went to SS webpage and discovered you had been talking about SSI and not SSDI (which I recieve)–Whew!

Working on SSI reduces $$$ of your check. This will also affect your Medicaid/RX. Try to talk to caseworker at govt mental clinic, independent Living resources center, or call social security…You need some coaching to do this right if you get SSI.

Try vocational rehabilitation they got these places in every state they look for jobs with ppl on ssi
But my understandin g of it you can’t make more than what u get a month

But you can earn any kind of income for 3 months in consecutively but if you earn under what get you’ll be fine

I rather not get less than minimum wage. Better off finding work on my own.