Question about ego

If it’s a mediator between ID and super ego. And ID is your animal instincts/unconscious desires. Super ego is like your morals your parents gave you.

Ego kind of meditates the two.

So that means your ego kind of comes from your parents. Your sense of self. Your consciousness.

If you are sz and believe you have different parents than you do. Yet you’re living a life with the same parents in a different world than your reality or non reality.

Therefore your ego could get screwed up.

Because of sz.

Your ego is messed up. Not saying it’s bad as much as it’s incorrect.

So you go on a mission to lose your ego. You can never lose the false self. As much as u try to lose the ego . Because sz replaces it and you’re fighting a lost cause. I’m confused. So are you.

But maybe you can drive yourself away from ID more. But you can never replace the false ego that came about from sz?? You just need to learn to accept it. Accept my insanity really is all I need to do. Which I’m on my way to doing. Do I make any sense??


I’ve seen you post stuff about ego before…

I don’t really understand these stuff much


I think I made the mistake of confusing my false ego with a large ego. I’m happy to have worked on it even if it drove my sz all the more mad seemingly. But when my friend called me on the phone said “YOUR EGO” and I said “I KNOW”. I think he had misunderstood my fake self for being something it wasn’t.

All this has been theorized by Freud and his followers. As of yet there is no scientific basis for such a compartmentalization of the human psyche.

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Yes it is not proven but there is aspects of the mind. We shall label them. And name them. And try to explain them.

I really don’t think it matters if they’re real or not.

It was real to me. My experience with the ego was real. It changed my life. It wasn’t just because of Freud it was a lot of factors.

It gave me a better understanding and confusion

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I don’t think the human mind can explain and understand itself. Only a higher level of consciousness can do that. One that can perceive us both from the inside and the outside at the same time. Whether such a higher power exists or not has always been a hot topic of debate.

Aspects of the mind can be understood though.

It’s fun to try to understand aspects.

God is the only thing that can understand a lot of things. I’m not sure the human mind is one of the most obvious examples.

I think one day we will understand a lot about the human mind.

You can philosophize if you want.

Didn’t ask for skepticism, I asked for understanding.

This makes perfect sense to me. But I’ve thought about it for 9 years consecutively

Yes I have no doubts you can understand parts of the mind, like what makes you tick more or why you reacted in a certain way in a given situation. But as a whole, the human psyche is way too complex. The most obvious example to me are people who say one thing but do another. There is an obvious disconnection of their affirmations from their deeds. They claim to want something yet don’t take the necessary steps to get it.


You’re making perfect sense.

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I don’t think it makes sense. Your morals are yours however they got their, your consent about your parents is unfounded. There’s no such thing as a false or sz ego. The ego in your description is like the bar that balances the scale between superego and Id, calculating the balance.

Freud was popular but the usefulness of his approach is questionable. I am quite confident it’s far more complex than that.


Yeah but my reality was flipped by my mental illness. Maybe it wasn’t my ego but I developed my belief as if it was. So I was fighting many things. In my mind I made ego and false self synonymous. So I was trying to rid myself of both. By doing so I pretty much killed my identity. My sense of worth. But then as I’ve recovered from mental illness I realize the false self isn’t bad it’s just a little nutty for me to believe. I can’t rid myself of my mental fantastical delusions. I can mediate between Id and super ego. But something in my psyche has been distrupted by creating a fake self. I confused it as the ego. When it’s schizophrenia. But It’s all theory anyways. So I make my own theories In my mind and I’d maybe be best off not attempting to understand the psyche and just live my life. But I believe I am daring in exploring my psyche. And I enjoy it. And now I’m past the hardest part it feels nice. Whatever I have done. Maybe my terminology is off from the norm. Identifying a with b. When b should be with c. Or something. But it’s geared me On an interesting path.

Thanks for your input

I googled “spiritual ego” yesterday and learned some more. Read two long articles. Was interesting . I liked how it said the ego has been scrutinized when it’s not so bad a thing!! Us crazy humans.

I’m on this life path though. Yes it’s crazy but

I enjoy it now. Don’t recommend the same to anyone that I did.

But I believe I must gain my ego back. After I have fought it so much. And I can continue to mediate with it?? But must not try to be without it now. Must embrace self. Must disagree with self too. That’s the easier part. It’s an ever evolution.

I think being introspective is a good thing, always fun to try and figure out the mind. I made a diagram of how the mind works. But I’ve lost and forgotten. So here’s to continuing on the quest for knowledge

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I wrote about the ego in September 2018 but got no replies. I was so thorough that my ideas may have been hard to understand. Here is what I wrote:
I think “ego” is Latin for “self.” It could be simply pride and self-confidence. There is a theory that says ego manages different forces within the mind, like conflicts over what you want and what you are told you can’t have. The ego does reality testing. It also consists of various defense mechanisms and there are at least 6 or 7 of them. I think ego might include how we define boundaries between our selves and others. And also ego might include “social skills” like forming friendships and having pleasant interactions with others.
Now here is the problem: I believe the ego is weak, damaged, or destroyed in schizophrenia. The ego is important and I think a strong ego is good. I don’t think I can socialize skillfully in groups without an ego.
I think we build ego by gaining a series of successes in life.


Superego god = I + Superego goddess = I
Centre of the universe but they are only a drop of water in the ocean like every single one of us.

@Here4You That makes good sense to me. It’s obvious I have a weak ego. I have tried to long and too hard to fake it. I want a way that works.

Before the advent of modern neuroscience, psychologists put forth hypotheses about the structure of the mind. In 1925, Freud proposed his “structural model” of the psyche which included the concepts of id, ego, and superego.

The parts of the psyche that contain humans’ more instinctual, base drives, he referred to as “the id.” He believed that the id acts according to the pleasure principle - seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. He also believed it was possible for the id to simultaneously contain multiple (even contradictory) impulses.

The superego is probably the next easiest to explain, because it can be viewed in stark contrast with the id. While the id wants instant self-gratification, the superego tries to always act in a socially appropriate manner. It develops over the course of childhood with the internalization of the environment’s norms, values, ideals, and taboos. You might think of it as the “conscience” or the “inner critic.”

Finally, the ego can be thought of as serving three masters - the id, the superego, and reality. With strong ego-functioning, one uses compromise, balance, and flexibility to satisfy one’s primitive desires while still attending to realistic and social constraints. Defense mechanisms may be used by the ego to resolve inner conflict. Some defense mechanisms are thought to be less “mature” than others, and if used rigidly can cause the individual problems.

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Sorry but you’re not making any sense…

@InnerCircle What you wrote is clear to me and represents a very good understanding of Freud’s structural model and the ego.

I think you’re obsessed with this concept of ego.

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