Did you ever hear anyone come up to you, and say, "I'm having imaginary friend problems, sooooo......"

LOL, no right. Usually they hide that because they want people trust them as being more than a liability. Hehe

But that is what we have, and it’s a part of our personalities. If we simply figured out our personality dynamics involved in our inner essences of inner self, we would figure out that those are imaginary friends/foes, and our personality faculties are fragmented by the false illusion we see our involuntary inner expressions through.

Most people have inner voices, but most of those people are not having trouble with their imaginary friends or foes. They are simply thinking to themselves whether they want to or not. It’s how they are born, and that’s how they accept themselves. They are all doing it right now around the whole world, and people have been doing it around the whole world for as long as people have been around. It’s nothing new.

The sz culture is simply the religion of perceiving our inner essences as imaginary friends and foes. If you think about this possibility, you can see how this could become extremely terrifying and ruin people’s lives. You can also see why people would consider a personality like that weird.

Mr. Niceberg

I don’t think SZ culture is something that actually exist, because every intimate world is in fact available to only one particular person, and no one else, even other people with SZ, Of course it is great to share one’s experience with others, but accepting the voices as something which will never go away is bad, maybe even the worst. In my opinion it’s the wounded part of us which is talking then, but still I think that this part can be healed. I am an SZ but I don’t want to be one, just like most of the people who struggle with this disorder. I don’t accept this disease which makes my life complicated and I never would call myself as a part of SZ culture, If there was something like that it would be the most shitty culture in the world, I’m telling you. And as far as one can say that he is proud to be black/American/white/European/gay,etc. I don’t think anyone could say that he’s proud that he’s an SZ. But he or she can be proud of his achievements with fighting against this damn disease, or even the fact that he/she is struggling itself.

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Well culture is a matter of personality, and peronality is a matter of the value system one uses to instantly discern or work out with thinking processes what one is experiencing or perceiving.

So what you’re not working out is what is intrinsic about the phenomenon of the personality which is a synergy of 3 things: data from the feelings, thoughts, and 5 senses (inner voices are thoughts no matter what form like sand is just rock particles…it just is)…that is the first part of the personality phenomenon. The second part is the value given to the data which can be considered good, bad, funny, angering, quantity, speed, dimension, past, present, future and especially self, not self, or other sentient being which is the very keys to the sz culture. The third part to the personality phenomenon is what “illusion” you used to arrive at those values.


Perceived Value Placed on Data

If you come from far away where some people raised you to believe that 2+2=5. Okay, then your value perception of that equation is that 2+2=5. You don’t actually see 2 things, and 2 more things, and a total of 5 things in front of you. You simple see little figures on a page, or you hear the mouth noise that sounds like what you have heard when people announced that equation. And that’s all you know.

The equation on the page is data. The sound of the said equation out loud is data. What you see that data with is illusion.

Color is an illusion. In fact there is no color. Color is the illusion of the mind.

Attraction to the genetalia or even the revulsion of the genetalia is an illusion. What is really there is not what our minds value what is there as.

What you have to understand is that no matter what you value something as whether it is an accurate value or not, you carry an illusion in between the value that registers in your mind, and the data that is either produced from your mind or produced from the external world.

It’s like you are a value computer, and you where colored glasses as lenses. Depending on the color of your lenses determines what the values are you perceive about the data.

You will notice in the real world that multiple people can stand in the same place and experience the same things when they see or do something, but they can place completely different values over the same thing. So what is true and what is not about what they have seen and experience? It’s relative, right? It is, and it isn’t because what ever is true about reality does not need us to be true. It is true independently of what we valued it as no matter what. Even our own inner voices, memories, and feelings can be valued differently depending on what we have learned or taught ourselves.

Different races perceive their race as being a higher value than others, and this is as simple as someone who wants to date a certain looking person at the prom over someone that does not look like that kind of look. Or it can be about personality traits, or intelligence, or beliefs. It’s all races, and people choose to take the lead with their best options as far as who they partner up with in life. That is okay because there is no right or wrong about that in the universe, and nothing is stopping the people not of their choice from seeking other people. It’s called liberty and freedom of thought which no one should govern unless they fully intend to start a war, or they are inhumane.

Whatever the case is, a culture is exactly like a personality except it carries multitudes of people that carry the same ideology or illusions for valuing not only how they look and act, but how they value the expressions of the inner self even how skilled they are at talking or any other skill.

In school a culture is whatever school taught you. In reality the intrinsic constructs of the culture phenomenon isn’t something you are taught about, so you will not likely hear it any where else except maybe you can research on the web what makes a culture a culture and what makes a personality a personality.

The three things that a personality is composed of or based on are the three things that cultures are based on. Not only that, but that personality can be transferred almost exactly like how a movie on youtube can be passed around, and then people can grow from the personalities they’ve seen on that movie. It’s that simple. That is the fundamental roots of our beings. Let’s keep our morality intact because many people some how lose moral responsibility when they become wiser, and this does stymie their lives and others lives.

SZ culture is a culture, but it is more of an autonomous culture of faith. It is a matter of an illusion like any personality and culture, and this catergory of illuions is a measure of the inner voices and inner essences to be of a certain value. What value do all sz people give to their inner voices, feelings, sense, and any form of thinking, remembering etc in their minds? ESP! Right?

The sz culture is a people that believes in ESP, but that culture is usually not spread by passing the personality trait of that pseudo ESP illusion around for seeing thoughts like most people. In fact people try to stay away from this culture which causes the isolation that is partly responsible for the ESP illusion development where the inner dialogue between pretend friends and pretend foes manifest from. So that is why I call it an autonomous culture meaning that it is self generated and not social passed around though expression and observation like the way London become become Londonish and New York City people become NYCish.

That’s how this is an sz culture regardless of your pride, and in order to reverse your discomfort and poor results in your mind to become optimized, you must come to terms with this this stuff first. In other words in order to fix the pipes under the sink, you can’t just bang and complain on it. You have to study it, and figure out how the inner works function in the first place, and then you can grasp what is not logical. Once you have a handle on what’s logical, the rest is history. It’s like pulling the inflate cord on a life raft underwater, and soon you’ll be sitting in it floating on the surface rather than kicking around in a psychological abyss as another ESP believer which is the culture of sz people.

You also may need to remove the stigma of people with issues in order to stop stigmatizing yourself. Don’t stigmatize. Just be indifferent.

Mr. Niceberg

In short a personality faculty consists of these:

  1. Mental feeling, thoughts, thinking, memories, 5 senses, total essence of inner self data
  2. Perceived value that you place on that Data
  3. Illusion you perceive through to value that Data

What you will see about a culture is that the people of it see data in the world and their inner essences similarly. That means they carry the same “illusion” to see the same data in a way that is specific to that form of illusion. It’s just a group of people that see things in the same way. Everyone understands that, but they’ve never had to explain it nor had it explained to them. That’s what I do.

Sz culture is about the value of the inner essences being other personalities communicating via some form of ESP. It is a learn faith, and it is a learn linguistic development problem. Everyone uses illusions to see everything about themselves inside and out and around them in the environment even other people, concepts, and what they assume is within people. The similarity in the value estimation determines the mental illusion they use to measure the data, and that group is technically a culture whether it’s recognized on some fake mainstream news channel or not. Do you get it?

You and I are of the sz cultue. We have the same beliefs about our inner voices, thoughts, feelings, the rest of the universe being an ESP one, and we started came to be in this culture with our faith in this when we started playing around with our minds practicing the ritual of interpreting our inner data and/or outer data as being messages from other beings. We did this until we learned it like a language, but it back fired in what is a kind of psychological trap which is just a nuance of nature that we can figure out, and we can get ourselves out of.

When you understand what, you can understand why. When you understand why, you can change the outcome. If you don’t like how your mind works which makes you part of the sz culture, then you need to follow the map to the resolution: What, why, and then change. This takes consistent willingness to study, research, hypothesis, experiment, find the results, and continue to develop the skill through practice, practice, practice as if you were not only going to learn a new language fluidly, but you are going to learn to speak with the accent, and common plays on words where the language exists.

In other words you have to learn how to think about your inner voices like other cultures do in which they are no one but extremities of your mind. You are not proud of your sz culture, so let us join the culture passed the sz culture.

Mr. Niceberg

How many people want to stay in the sz culture, and believe in ESP?

How many people want to stop believing in ESP, and move on passed the sz culture?

“Hey, tell this guy you are real and what you are would ya?” I ask.

"Certainly, we are seperate entities from this fellow and we are connected to his brain at times. He has seen numerous supernatural events in his life, supernatural not meaning magical but from other worlds outside of yours.

This thing you are calling esp is indeed real but it’s only an actual connection between minds no different than a wire between your computers or say a device that can scan the matter and impulses in your brain.

We have even made things an external matter for him several times and have also made things physical." Says a voice in my head right now.

I think you have very strong opinions on things that aren’t necessarily based in fact. You also come off as rather arrogant. Take some time to do actual research into the disorder. I understand if you want to help, but you’re not helping anyone when you come bearing hotheaded opinions.

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