Put yourself out there for acceptance and rejection

Its a hard lesson to learn because so many are scared of rejection but the more you put yourself out there the greater chance you’ll be accepted. But the more you put yourself out there, there is a greater chance you’ll be rejected too. It’s a hard lesson to swallow but if your looking for people be independent of yourself and accept rejection (ironic). Accept that eternity is now and you have to be accepting of rejection as much as acceptance.


Very wise words…

And people are taught “Dare to say ‘No’”. Accepting the rejection (on our parts) is as difficult as daring to say “No” (on their parts).

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yes, but with as much as most of us have been through, we’d shrug rejection right off. it’s more fear of rejection, I think.

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Just remember you are a good person. Some people will reject you, but I think you can deal with it. You will find some nice people who like you for who you are, because you are a cool person and kind too. That’s all I look for when it comes to friends.


Nobody can be liked by everybody. We are all different…

I’m absolutely sure you’ll find love Kazuma! You’re an adorable person, we love you here!


When you’re young there is more at stake in acceptance and rejection. When I got older I became a lot less sensitive to that.