I'm confessing that I love to reject people

and dogs. I don’t know, I guess it gives me a feeling of power. I wish it felt better to be a nice person, but it doesn’t. I just come off sounding (and being) insincere. Any ideas about what to do?

Any ideas about what to do?

Be yourself Chordy - that’s the best anyone can do.

I don’t “love” to reject ppl but I sometimes can’t help but reject them.
When someone is too nice and if it’s too good to be true, I feel scared and reject them.

I’m still learning to accept ppl more,

I’m much more prone to feeling scared when there’s too much happiness than sadness or any negative emotions.

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You are not alone. I realized I like to reject people too. And it’s a problem. Something I want to remove from my personality.

Well, rejecting people is being myself and I get the feeling that it’s unacceptable. I suppose it’s acceptable to avoid people but I do think I use people without loving them.

Chordy you’ve just got to be true to yourself.

Everyone has a dark side. :cookie: