PTSD from psychosis

A pdoc I saw before said to me that the psychosis that happened to be all them years ago may have caused ptsd but if that’s the case I thank my lucky stars because it frightened me so much that I have been complaint to stay on them …i have come off the antipsychotics but I always asked for help making those decisions… and usually the drs have helped me make those decisions … i struggle with other things but I’ve managed to control the psychosis very well I think


I get flashbacks from psychotic episodes.

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Very well could be true.

My doctors tend to be hardliners and traditional, old school type folks. Not necessarily more qualified or better but you (or I) tend to hear the same old story of only military combat veterans get PTSD or people in life or death situations like my mom who almost died in a car accident.

I think psychosis is very traumatizing especially mine and yours and other people here. It’s hard for doctors to understand because they have never experienced by “torture” and stuff like we have.

Maybe they are right or wrong I don’t know. But I never been diagnosed. I had severe acute stress disorder early on. I was diagnosed, but it never morphed into PTSD and I was never diagnosed at all. It disappointed me. It’s not like I get better benefits or anything or more money. It’s just another diagnosis like Aspergers. I cannot even get the good therapy because I lack resources and am limited in distance (driving).

Plus, I wouldn’t feel comfortable talking to a PTSD therapist about my so-called “delusions”.

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