Psychosis worsen due to full time job

I am happy and unhappy at the same time since I started working full time job last two months. I am happy at the end of month waiting for pay check. I am unhappy because it is tedious, repetitive and long hour job. My psychosis worsen for having faster racing thoughts, worse unusual beliefs (as you can notice my recent topics in Unusual Belief category) and hopelessness.

Don’t worry as I started to regain strength by reading Q&A on mental health.

I admire those who can cope with job stress and at the same time of those who need not work. For those who work, please keep the job and take care of your mental fitness; and for those who stay at home, please try your best in day-to-day activities, and be appreciative.


Well @Zoom I think that the best case scenario for you is to retain your job while managing
your illness, or perhaps even switching to a better job.
I think that you can be grateful to be able to work.
I have to settle for just getting through the day, without managing to do anything serious.
I hope I improve.


Erez, may be you can work menial job as well? In that way, at least you have something to do.

I hear ya, @Zoom. The stress of work makes me batshit crazy at times, but I have to do it, no other choice. I’ve been applying for work elsewhere, trying to get out of the job that stresses me so much, but I’ll keep doing it for as long as I have to, have to pay my bills somehow.

What sort of work have you been doing?


I can understand that, freakonaleash.

I have worked many types of job, from programmer and technician, to storekeeper and waiter. I am currently working as office clerk but I need to travel to few places every morning.

How about you? What is the job that stresses you so much?

My symptoms were unbearable when I was working 40 hours a week. In a very real way I felt dead. I was eventually fired.

Now I work a more manageable 30 hours a week and the job itself is less unpleasant. It’s still stressful but I’ve been mostly managing. I’m fairly grateful for that.

I hope things get better for you @Zoom.


I’ve worked a lot of different types of jobs, as well. My current teaching job doesn’t stress me out too badly, for the most part I enjoy it, but working in a retail pharmacy is what drives me crazy, has me having what could be considered mini-meltdowns at work (going to the back with my hands on my face, taking deep breaths). One of these days I swear I’m going to end up on the floor in the back, in tears. It will happen eventually if I don’t get out of there. I’m applying to be an inpatient pharmacy tech at a hospital, but as a smoker I’m limited to which hospitals I can apply to. Not having certification hurts my chances, too, though once I get the money I may just take a stab at the certification exam.

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Yes, it is true, animalmineral, the mind cannot cope with the stress.

I am glad to hear you work part time and it is more manageable now.

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Now I remember you work at pharmacy. You told me customers sometimes get angry. From what I understand, you are currently working two different jobs. I hope you spend time enjoying wholesome entertainment too.
Best wishes to your career, freakonaleash.

Thanks, @Zoom. Yeah, I was thinking we had talked about it before. It’s not just the angry customers, but the overall chaos that gets me the most. Oh well, I’ll be working there a lot less this month and next month, 1-2 days/week, while I have a larger teaching load. Hopefully I’ll be completely out of there soon.

Hang tough with the job. I know all about tedious, I’ve done factory work and there’s nothing more tedious than that, but you do what you gotta do.

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