Psychosis is a SiCK disease

I Fuuucking hate it with all my heart.

It robs me of things.

I will fight a fight

To recover

I hope my time is not too late

From self abuse damage

Good luck everyone you can fight the fight


Fight fight fight fight

Have you been having symptoms lately, @poiuytrewq?

Hope you feel better soon :sunflower:

I don’t like that I can’t exercise.

No positive symptoms atm.

And I don’t like how much I have to control my stress due to risk of positive symptoms returning

I’m sure I will adapt though :slight_smile:

Thanks @Schztuna

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You’ll get there soon, @poiuytrewq.

No shame in stress reduction, either… It’s crucial for us, as annoying as it is sometimes.

You got this! :sunflower:

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Thanks. Hope you’re well too. Schztuna

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Psychosis does suck. I had positive symptoms for the first time in a few months. Darn grocery store. There was so much to take in my brain went into overload mode. I got out of there as fast as possible and had a weird car ride home.

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