Mental state

Fcuk my brain guys.

Its fcuked up.

Its a mess.

Cant think straight.

Cant take any decisions.

how will i do constructive work.

sucks like hell.

What you are talking about is something that many on this forum has experienced. You have to learn to accept that there are certain things that you can’t do anything about.

I don’t know how long you have had the illness or how long you have been medicated, but it can take some time to come to accept that things are more difficult then they used to be before the illness. Don’t give up though. There is always a possibility that things can better.

Try to live healthy and work out your triggers(the stuff that makes your symptoms worse) and stay away from those. Maybe don’t think too far ahead. Taking one day at a time might be useful when things are difficult.


ya u r right.

i am suffering from sz for the past 29 years but on meds for only the last 11 yrs.

i always take it one day at a time.

its just my messed up brain all the time that kills me

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Yeah, I know the feeling. Been medicated for 10+ years myself. Had a lot of difficulty thinking clear, got motivational issues and struggle with apathy.

I’m lucky enough to be on a pretty low dose of meds now though and things have become better. I have to go now, but I will respond to you later.

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ok no issues

take care

You know “meth psychosis”. Can you blame them, or me?

No. Psychosis? Well I’m talking to “him” now. I don’t know how to do it probably. I was trying to be cool in the past, but you kept following me, leading to the reasonable degree of privacy I have now. Because with you watching “it was bad”. It was aggressive.

I gov up, and in all honesty I probably have contracted covid-19, but I still go out, legit. If you so big monitor me, but you can’t. Hehehe.

sorry to hear you having a hard time. I suffer from a lot of negatives too but i managed to accept them, i kinda think that it could always be worse.

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thanx for ur reply.

i have accepted my negatives but

this messed up state is difficult to live with 24x7

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yea i can relate to that, i had a lot of problems with it too but lately been doing better, not sure why. I think i just learned to live with it but there is moments where it bothers me.

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ok got it

good to know that u relate with mine.

even i expect it to get better with the day

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Thats pretty much how I feel too. Mind feels like an absolute trainwreck. My body isnt in good shape either.

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i can relate with that except that my body isnt that bad.

but mind is total crap

hope that u feel better

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same, my body is in ok shape i think… i should exercise more though but i’m doing ok physically. Mentally is something different though =p

Ya you r right same here

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