Psychonauts of the '60's

Its got to be said that marijuanna inspired sum great music and comedy


LSD and marijuana and alcohol and shrooms and coffee,cigs, even dmt and mescaline once or twice helped me write my book over a 6 year span…even though I wrote it in 4 days…it was inspired by 6 yrs of substance abuse. To be released some time this fall. It’s more about the dark side of it though.

And I believe that it still inspires great writers and comedians today…but if you have sz it’s bad news. I feel I lucked out. I’m 1 trip short of the breaking point where I short circuit my brain…scary thought I can only thank god for helping me when I needed help

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How many of them just did marijuana?

Usually the term psychonaut is connotated with LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs. Marijuana too.

I never took drugs, though I am from the 60’s… Do the others drugs you mentioned also inspire art, music, etc. or is the experience too’farout’ to channel?

I’ve written great poetry on all those drugs but for me it was the Insanity caused by these drugs that made me think divergently from the norm. You’re not missing anything with sz…those drugs mimic sz and for us to take them it IS far out. It wasn’t until I embraced recovery that I truly became creative…and practiced.

I always was a weird kid and by expanding my mind I felt it normalized me by letting me understand the true meaning of life which has lead to creative thinking. I never was “there” before those drugs, yet I’m still lucky to be here after them. Paradoxical. I wanted to be crazy asap. Being half crazy sucked. If that makes sense.

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Being humbled and reducing my ego helps creativity…opening myself to out the box thinking…don’t need drugs for that but I feel I used them in the proper way to embrace that …I use the word ego a lot for a reason. It’s useful

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one time I took mushrooms on my meds during the morning, come home at night and i was acting like SZ symptoms. my mom was saying “ARE YOU OFF YOUR MEDS, DO YOU NEED TO GO TO THE E.R?” …never once did she think i had taken drugs.

i insisted i was fine, it was the mushrooms making me act SZ…responding to internal stimuli, thinking too much, questioning myself. It took me half an hour to take 2 bites out of a cheeseburger before i gave up and went downstairs and insisted i was alright. it passed.

it’s interesting people will purposely induce SZ on themselves to help find truth, clarity and meaning…of course its temporary for them…permanent for us. when you already have SZ and you take SZ inducing drugs, it’s like double SZ :scream:…i think I got lucky surviving the hallucinogenic drugs…having an underlying mental illness, and then continuing to take drugs even after it wasn’t “underlying” anymore.

i remember stopping my meds because i was scared i couldn’t “trip” if I was on anti-psychotics…that was the main reason i didn’t take my meds for the longest time other than the side-effects too. probably would’ve saved a couple hospitalizations if it weren’t for this…

I’ve never had a bad trip on a drug or had it affect my brain chemistry significantly. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia prior to any experience with drugs or alcohol. I was young but I was always sober and had no interest in drugs until I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and used my diagnosis as an excuse to experiment with alcohol and later I tried drugs but never consistent enough with addiction. A lot of people do drugs and don’t experience negative effects, but if they have an addiction then it is a different story. Some people have to feed their addictions with endless meaningless activities, others resort to crime and violence, still others use it to prey on others for material gain. I have never been a part of that category. I was just letting people walk all over me, and the more I resisted the harassment of junkies, the more these people would attempt to harass me into joining them. They also used intimidation and stole things from me and threatened me, and blackmailed me and took pictures/videos of me without my permission like it was a joke and that I was ok with it when I told them repeatedly that I was not ok with it and they refused to stop.

Even though my abuser works less than one mile down the street from my house, I have to avoid him at all costs and blocked his number. I’ve been told by everyone that he is using me.

I remember Ringo Starr once said in an interview that the Beatles tried recording songs after smoking marijuana. They had a great time and thought they made some fantastic music. But when they listened the next day to all the work they recorded while stoned, in Ringo’s words, “It was sh*t”.