Would you do drugs to enhance your creativity?

There are examples of great writers who have done drugs. Edgar Allen Poe and Samuel Colerdge are an example of individuals whose brilliant writing was enhanced by opium, When I read Coleridge’s “The Rhyme of the Acient Mariner” I thought I might try powerful drugs if only I could write like that. However the reports of these two guys about what they experienced during opium withdrawals makes me think it wouldn’t be worth it. They write about long, wet kisses from crocodiles and living a hundred years in a single night. There was a movement in the late sixties about doing LSD to attain enlightenment. A couple of writers did LSD to enhance their writing. Ken Kesey was one, and he wrote two great novels - “One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest” and “Sometimes a Great Notion”. But who knows, maybe if he hadn’t done LSD he would have written twenty great novels.

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i see that stuff without drugs !?!
take care :alien:

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Not now since I cracked. In my youth it was fun but it probably lead to my sz. I tend to think you get what you pay for.

i already do but they are prescription and i get them from the doctor


No. And besides, I don’t really want to be known for my personal creativity.

I barely believe this to be true. Steve jobs credits lsd as his source of creativity. I doubt Eminem would be so creative and popular without drugs and many more examples

I used to love LSD and Ecstasy… blew my head wide open… loved the breathing universe… and the pulsing ground…

But none of my writing or my sculpture was any good when I was on it.

It hasn’t helped my creativity… that’s just me.

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Reminds me of what Ringo Starr said about the Beatles and marijuana. Before going into the recording studio, all four of them would smoke pot. Then they would go into the studio and they would compose (or so they thought) great, fantastic, enlightened, insightful songs but the next morning but they would play it back; and as Ringo put it, "It was all sh*t.


I’m a musician songwriter. I did uppers, psychedelics marijuana and ecstasy and didn’t find them to enhance my creativity. I can say coffee sometimes helps and tobacco. I never did narcotics. But I will say I get probably the best song ideas in the bathtub which is a natural opiate high so there might be something to that. Though I’ll wait someday until I’m old and in pain before I try narcotic drugs.

Yeah, I once had that notion. Was hoping to create profound works like Poe and Lovecraft. Wound up sounding like Cheech and Chong instead. Not doing that again.



Edgar Allen Poe was genius. I love his work and am always amazed by his bilingual quotes and words he puts in his stories. He led a very disappointing life including his death of being found in a ditch when he died.

I have always been tempted to see what heroin was like, but I never would actually carry those temptations out. Heroin is bad news.

When I did/do drugs that was for two reasons:
-either to have more of shallow fun when going out
-or to escape from emotional or physical pain or both

If your vision is induced from outside and ‘artificial’ in its nature, what’s the purpose?

As for the writers on drugs…that is very debatable, because you could only use some kind of medical experiment to measure how much and which part of their work was influenced with drugs ( and as we see with positivism, applying the scientific methods to literature is simply naive).

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What is drugs? 151515

Try to look at it from outside: a lifeless person sitting on the couch, half closed eyes that are almost white, half smoked cigarette burning the person’s pants, a creep half-smile on frozen anemic face…He might feel like entering the heaven but from outside, he is the one for whom you’ll cry.

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If I had to do drugs to be creative, I guess I wouldn’t really be creative would I,
Suppose all the credit would go to the drugs, then why should I bother with the drugs?

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Pretty much the myth is if you’re already creative, drugs will make you creative in a different. more unusual way. After all creativity is all about seeing the world differently. But you have to see it differently already for drugs to do anything to your world.

If that makes sense.

I feel you also have to have a grip on reality…something I’ve never had before I did drugs.

I have done drugs but I didn’t try to write on them. I would be willing to do so now.

I did exactly that but it didn’t work at all for me.

Would I!!..I have !!..and it didn’t. …

I think that with that particular mind set of ‘creativity just because of the use of drugs’ I suffered greatly because of the expectation of a ‘otherworldly’ level of consciousness’ just because of said drugs.

But without a preexisting expectation I’ve learned much about mainly myself but also society As a whole.