How many on here are unhappy with their psychiatrist?

I’ve never been happy with any of my psychiatrists.

I was happy with my previous psychiatrist, But my current psychiatrist said he gave me an unsafe number of benzos.

Never really been happy with any psychiatrist. I’ve had good luck with psychologists and GPs, but it was impossible to find a psychiatrist who I felt listened. When I was a teenager and having rage issues on Prozac, my psychiatrist wouldn’t listen until my mom demanded she take me off of them - she completely blew off me telling her there was a serious problem. My mom was very unimpressed with her, too.

I’m seeing a psychopharmacologist in October. She’s well-reviewed, so I’m hoping for the best.

Count me in as being unhappy.

First one: god awful. Current one: a saint.

I’ve only had one thus far and it has been a terrible experience. Hopefully my new psychiatrist will fare better than this one. I am refusing antipsychotic & antidepressant drugs this time around, though. I want to be drug-free. I’ve never taken them in my life and they are killing my brain.

Psychopharmacologists are in short supply and are quite typically overstressed. New rules at many facilities in which they provide service require them to do a ton of paperwork as well as stipulate longer sessions with patients. Some now have nurse practitioners and physicians’ assistants (NPs & PAs) working for them who see the pts if the pts are not unusual and/or after the initial consults. In my experience, the majority of these NPs and PAs are quite good at both technology and “bedside manner.”

In one psychology class they told us about the phenomenon of “transference”, where the patient transfers his emotions about a family member, usually the father, onto the psychiatrist. That sure explains my negative feelings about my former psychiatrist. I think psychoanalysis can be pretty punishing for a psychiatrist, as well as the patient. In my class about psychoanalysis at school they said the doctor is supposed to be the more or less passive recipient of the patients ramblings until the patient projects his inner conflicts onto the doctor and eventually has a profoundly cathartic experience. That doesn’t work for a patient who is not very outgoing or is kind of shy. When I was in psychoanalysis I talked about the same thing over and over because I couldn’t think of anything else to say. I think that in most psychoanalysis a certain amount of drifting goes on. I’m still not real sold on psychoanalysis. I don’t need to pay good money to talk to a fence post. I’ve had better experiences with psychiatrists in the public sector than in the private sector, but that could be because I expect less of them. For what psychiatrists charge I expect them to work miracles.

I’ve had six psychiatrists since becoming sick in 2010. Most were terrible one was good.

I have had some pretty awful psychiatrists in the past - 2 could be considered criminal with their prescribing habits and mannerisms.

I considered my current psychiatrist as spectacular in the beginning of seeing her, now I just consider her as being a good psychiatrist.

I have never met a ‘perfect’ psychiatrist, my last one was mediocre at best.

I am satisfied with my current pdoc - she is cautious with meds.

I DO NOT like my present “pdoc.” I put that in quotation marks because she is a 3rd year student. She doesn’t accept my input (nor request it), and is very cold. She is not personable at all. I’m not looking for friends or anything, but a pleasant personality and acceptance would be nice. She is like a stone. I can’t get anything out of her. I am going to call the clinic again, and try to get a new doctor.

Out of let see… 5 psychiatrists I’d say 2 of them really cared and gave a ■■■■. My last psychiatrist was awesome there were many breakthroughs that I saw, but she was too careful about medication I moved on. This psychiatrist I’m seeing now is not careful with prescribing things but doesn’t listen as good as my last psychiatrist. What a catch -22.

What is a psychopharmacologist? Sounds like a psychiatrist? @Rhubot

When I was floridly psychotic a pdoc prescribed me an antidepressant, then I found the one I’m seeing now and I’m happy, I like the guy.

I don’t have a psychiatrist and have not seen one since 1999.

I’m not 100% on this, but the doctor I’ll be seeing trained and was first certified as a psychologist. Then she received further training that enables her to prescribe medication.

My experience with psychiatrists, on the other hand, is that they’re medical doctors that focus on psychological issues. But all the ones I’ve worked with tend to prescribe and that’s about it. No real interest in any other forms of therapy.

The “contagion” effect is the #1 reason prescribers, psychologists and therapists give up and try something else. You have to be very self-aware and have your fire suit on at all times.

i am my own best psychiarist