Psychiatrist today

In the waiting room of my psychiatrist’s office on the way out I saw someone I dated 4 years ago. He was cruel and scary when I knew him. He would tell me that I’m evil. Today he said my name twice when he saw me and I didn’t look at him, just walked out the door. It was very frightening. The psychiatrist appointment made me feel hopeless too. I think I’m a difficult case.


I’m sorry the appointment didn’t go well. I hope you’re able to avoid your ex in the future. Can you talk to your doctor or the office manager and explain the situation? Maybe they can make sure not to schedule your appointments where you might run into each other.


Which med are u on …!!!

That’s scary @animalmineral.
You handled it well.

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Thanks @wave and @LED. I think that’s a good idea-- I’ll talk to the scheduling person about it.

@far_cry0 I’m on Lexapro, Trazodone, Lorazepam,
and Prazosin. I used to be on Abilify but the doctor took me off that and I’ve been ok without an antipsychotic so far.


I am happy u dont have to take anti…psychotic …!!! Thats good man.!!

@animalmineral most people project their own insecurities on others. You are not evil!
Sorry you felt hopeless =( slowly everyday things will get better and you did well.

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