Psychiatrist appointment help

I always get so worked up and nervous before my psychiatrist appointments. What can I do so I can be more comfortable around my doctor and open up to her?

Also, I never know what I should be reporting to my doctor. What are you supposed to be telling them?

Thank you.

Also, I’m sorry for not posting more. I’m just nervous about being watched and followed. I have to be careful.

Tell them the truth


I think mostly, try to tell them what is bothering you. They are there to help you with your mental health after all.

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how long have you worked with this doc

you should try to tell them your symptoms so they can get an idea of what to treat

they cant help you if they dont know what they are treating

try not to over load if its the first couple visits cause they may think you are med seeking but be honest and definitely tell them what is most bothersome

i hope it goes well

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Make a list. I keep a list on my phone’s notepad of things I want to asky therapist or my pdoc.


Psychiatrists try to make it a safe environment so their clients feel comfortable sharing uncomfortable things. Tell her you need some reassurance that it’s Ok to tell her stuff that is embarrassing or hard to talk about. Like Headspark said, tell her the truth: that you’re having a hard time opening up. I tell my therapists and psychiatrists that I need to talk to them but I have a hard time talking to people. And once they’re aware of that it opens up the conversation. I might not talk at a party but I’ll see a therapist or a psychiatrist and talk for 30 minutes straight.

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