How open are you with pros

I realize I keep secrets from my psychiatrist still. I told my therapist everything lately. Now I’m gonna be more open with my psychiatrist. It took a lot to feel ready to be open.


I was very open from the beginning, keeping in mind that I was paying the guy and I wanted it to be in the most optimal way possible.

But I didn´t like therapy.


There’s stigma and shame I feel but now I have faith in my self I make the best decisions for myself even if they’re not the best for everyone. But I know I’m doing my best. That helps with the shame feeling of being honest. And I don’t wanna l dictate as much I’m more open to their advice


That’s cool.

I personally am as open as I feel I need to be.

No one needs to know all my business.

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When it comes to psychiatrists,

I’m EXTREMELY open about what I feel they NEED to know.

Because, the more they know on that, the better, as they get a clearer picture of how to give me advice on my psychosis


I share everything. My husband also joins most of my appointments, to help bring up information I may forget to mention, and also to help remember what the provider says.

Also, so that he’s in the loop. I like for Hubby to know any changes that happen.


Good for you that is a very important step, I am doing the same exact thing as well. I would downplay most of my symptoms, especially depression and med side effects because of my pride. Now that I realize that I have wasted a lot of my time doing that and that if something really bothers me I have to be vulnerable and not be afraid to advocate for myself.


I tell my pdocs and caseworker everything - even the most embarrassing and discusting things about myself.


i like my pdoc. he is allright. i only tell him i am good and we chat. i like medicine. i like to know what he knows as far as i can. i like talking to doctors. they smart.

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I’m quite open with my pdoc and therapist but I do conceal things I’m too uncomfortable sharing


The only time I was hiding symptoms was when I wanted my drivers license back


I tell some feelings but i dont tell everything cause past experiences ended up in hospital

I don’t believe in being open with anyone in life.

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I lived like that for a long time when I first got sick but the pain was just so bad i eventually started opening a little
Just enough to get meds cause with out meds I will die

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I tend to generalize my problems for my psych doc
I tell her basic things but leave personal details

I hope you aren’t offended by this but I think everyone is a secretive being, that it’s necessary and good.

not offended i agree @Jinx

Good for you! I hope it all goes well with your psychiatrist. I need to be more open with mine too. I hide a lot because I don’t want to be in the hospital anymore. I don’t ever want to be forced into the hospital again. I’m very afraid of this.

its literally like when i see people face to face i freeze
has always been this way since mental illness
my brain goes blank and i can’t even think straight
i dx with social phobia etc etc as well as the sz
but seeing the pdoc i freeze a bit so struggle to remember