Service Dogs

Anyone here have a service dog or an emotional support animal? The last time I was in outpatient I was the only patient that didn’t have one. I think the other patients all had PTSD but I don’t know for sure.

I was thinking about getting my dog certified as one of these and want to know how to go about it. Right now she is enrolled in a beginner class at Petsmart but I know a service dog must have a lot more training. I am not sure where I could take her to get trained.

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Great idea with service dogs n pets.

I was never offered this.
The cost is probably too much.

But I was given a horse who was in bad shape n going to die if I did not take her so I took her n she is one of best things to ever happen to me and I miss her so much.

I’m in another state than her cause I’m moving in with my bf and his dogs but hope to move her here as well.
But I have been concerned about his friends and family etc.

Have had a few internet friends with service dogs so have heard a lot of good things about them.

They are service dogs so you can take them into a bomb shelters, shopping malls etc.

Something like sz they are trained to pull you away if you are talking to thin air in the case of talking to hallucinations.

Anxiety attacks the dog will stop everything and comfit the owner. The list goes on.

Great, more dog hair in public places that I can’t avoid.


Yeah my rats are classified as emotional support animals. They have been immensely helpful to me, especially since they are nocturnal and my worst issues tend to be at night when everyone else is asleep and can’t help me. They are always there to play and be silly and give me kisses to distract me and bring me back to reality.

An emotional support animal is different from a service animal. An emotional support animal does not need any training and can be any pet. You can’t take an emotional support animal with you anywhere, (like restaurants, stores, etc) but you can get certification to let them travel with you and live with you in places where regular pets would not be allowed. You get certification for this based on the place you are living or the airline/service you are using to travel. Usually in my experience they want documentation from your mental healthcare provider (therapist/pdoc) certifying you need the animal and from a vet certifying the animal is healthy.

A service animal I believe will need special training at a credited program, if you do not buy one already trained. (Service animals can be quite expensive so I don’t know if the classes are also expensive) Not sure how to go about finding one, I don’t have much experience with them. A service animal you will be allowed to take with you anywhere you go.


This is the first time I done something like this lets see if it work Adding a link I mean.

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Amazing it works

I been meaning to ask this question. Yosemite my Great Dane in a lot of ways is a service dog.
I been looking in to making my next one a official service dog.

Thanks for providing that link @Ridgerunner. It gave a good explanation of the differences between a psychiatric service dog, therapy dog, and emotional support dog.


Hey Pixel, What are you doing these days. What kind of work are you doing

I shed dog fur every place I go that I have collected from my dog that gets on my cloths. I bush the fur off my self in every store I’ve gone to just to share a part of my dog everywhere. :smiley:

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I am trying to get my cat turned into an emotional support cat, but I have to bring it up to my doctor.

I don’t want to take him out and about, just have a pet in my apartment for managing of my stress and anxiety (he purrs and cuddles with me, which calms me down).

He’s not really trained, except to do tricks for treats like jump up on a table on command.

I asked my therapist but he was skeptical that a cat could do anything, including get approved as an emotional support animal. I have a doctor’s appointment the 10th, so I figure I can ask then.

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@HQuinn Any animal can be a emotional support animal. Check out this sight.

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