Psychcentral schizophrenia forums can't find it

Doesn’t come up with a google search anymore for me and I tried finding it but can’t???

Never mind found it. Little harder to find than usual for some reason.

Dude, please answer me how hard did u go into drugs ro relapse!!!

I didn’t get very far at all. As soon as I started taking drugs again I just slowly went downhill over about 2 months and ended up in the psych ward. It’s not worth it. I read somewhere that if you have had more than one episode you have a 97% chance of relapse in the first 3 years of coming off meds.


All I had was 2 weak Ecstasy pills and half a cannabis joint.

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Thanks for answering.

Do you know if that 97% counts the ones who take drugs too? Maybe most of them did drugs and if we dont take them its ok to go off meds.

I feel life is so unfair. I wish there was an up side of being psychosis prone. Got lot of friends smoking weed and poppin x. But it is what it is and we gotta make the best play with our cards.

Gotta sleep now. Sorry for complaining.