Does anyone know

If you have become unmedicated and haven’t had positive symptoms for a set period of time, let’s say a year or whatever time period u think… Does that mean ur chances of relapse are now lower? If so, is there even a statistic as to how much lower ur chances of relapse become?

Or does it not make a difference?

BTW. I am diagnosed psychotic, not sz n am currently weaning off antipsychotic under approval n supervision of a psychiatrist.

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There’s a large percentage of people who come off of antipsychotics and don’t need them again. I think, from memory it’s like 20% plus for those of first episode psychosis. It’s a reason why the diagnosis criteria is over a period of 6 months. As there’s no tests currently available to determine who is or isn’t it’s really a thing you work through with your doctor.

Multiepisodic or the return of symptoms usually mean medication for life at our current technology. And I’d say yes. The longer you survive after first episode psychosis without symptoms I’d say your chances of relapse would decrease for sure.


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