Protein amount on your diet

How much protein you consume is one of the most important factor in controlling weight because it produces some hormone which makes your fat burn. They say it is recommended to eat kg(weight)*1g a day. So even when you ate much carbs, if you had enough protein too, you will not gain weight that easily. How much protein do you consume? So I fill my diet mostly with protein. :slight_smile: And what is a good source of protein?

I eat lots of boiled eggs for my protein. 5 boiled eggs is the most in 1 day but usually I eat 3.

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I’ve tried once what people call “egg fasting”. Eggs are really nutritional, cheap and good source of protein. :+1: But my favorite is baked eggs.

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I think eating too much protein was kind of hard on my liver and kidneys. I eat a reasonable amount of protein each day but I don’t eat as much as I used to and am focusing more on getting more green veggies nowadays.


It is very easy for me to get the amount of protein I need, even on a plant based diet
0.85 g per kg

beware thou too much protein may not be good for you.

It could damage the kidneys.

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I sort of do the old Csiro diet. It’s improved a lot apparently but I’ve an old book so I’m kinda sticking to that. It has a fair bit of protein and my shrink always says that is good because it helps you feel full. I think ultimately some decent balance isn’t too bad so I do a lot of veges and a cup of rice a day.

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