Progression of voices?

For you how did it start? How bad did it get and specifically how did it progress?

The voices began as loud “Thank you!”'s as I was going on long, prodromal walks weaving a crazy narrative together as a side effect of Piracetam abuse. As my brain state deteriorated, and I had 3 hospitalizations, the voices gradually became a background mumble that said coherent things occasionally.

They became coherent and constant less than 5 years ago.

started with psychedelic mushrooms one bad trip. then went away for a couple years. then after a diagnoses of sz, and consequently going off meds after 4 months, I started to hear whispers. then I did a 14 day fast and I was hearing voices of friends and family, and there were cartoon figures dancing on my walls. then went away for a spell when I started eating again but later came back, this time I was hearing internal voices, external voices, hearing conversation in car sounds going by the highway, hearing voices in the shower, and refrigerator and air conditioiner. and they progressed to wear I would hear them 20 minutes after waking up and they would stay with me all day until I went to sleep at night.

another bad one was the sound inside the greyhound bus on long rides across the country and the sound of the Amtrak going down the rails. those were my worst experiences, being attacked by voices and not being able to do anything while I was a passenger waiting to get to my destination

Started hearing music.

I don’t think voices were as big or frequent a thing for me as some sz’s. I mean I do hear negative thoughts and voices, but not those audible one some talk about too often. I have had other symptoms though.

Im just concerned because i hear ‘phantom’ noises. Usually police or ambulance sirens even when there was nothing to trigger it.

I also hear the odd word more frequently, or they finish my thought sentence.

A nurse told me she thinks what I call thoughts are actually voices. How can one even tell the difference if they have it? I dont understand (anything).

You’d know it if you were hearing voices

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Because of why? My sz oh so logical brain?

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It started when I was 12 or 13 the best I can remember and figure out. It was a male voice talking in the background, putting me down and commenting on my decisions. I thought everyone had that, I thought it was my id. Later in life I could hear a loud, clear voice giving me orders. I have several people in my head, one I don’t “hear” I hear her telepathically. Now, on meds, I don’t usually hear the commentary but I still know what he’s thinking. Recently I am aware that it’s not real and I don’t care what they’re thinking (mostly)

I actually can’t remember how it started possibly he introduced himself via the ghost sex. He was a person but also some universal force he seemed to have influence over the whole world people and nature etc etc. It started off as a friend type person in my head I was so intrigued by him cos he was funny and the sex was out of this world. Its like I could sense his humour in my head so I was laughing at seemingly random times at work and my colleagues were actually happy they just thought I was in a better mood.

Then slowly requests came in for me to better myself and at first I was really enthusiastic about it but then one day when he started making me read stuff online which was hallucination text about hell and heaven and how I am actually by birth predestined for hell but he wanted to give me a chance to get to heaven… That’s when I started to feel a heavy pressure to perform well In all requests that he was making. And I’m not good with that kind of pressure.

On top of that I had a crush on him cos he was so funny confident in a way and that sex was amazingly good. He is actually a person in real life that I knew of too and he was requesting that I travel across the globe to live near him eventually. Or he moves near me

So he started to get more frustrated in subtle ways cos I was feeling more n more self conscious aswell as scared to be not good enough to go heaven.
And that made me feel more exhausted and I started to get worse and worse at doing things he said. Including strange demands like staying up all night and just conversing with him non stop

And then somehow it ended up with me having to just go to hell. And he was now like a different person. Really demanding n critical and pleading me to just accept my fate in hell forever on my own. So I was just pleading and pleading at night in the park begging him praying to the sky to not take me there. He said its too late. Said I was going to explode as first episode/part of hell. So I just laid myself in the park until the early hours of the morning waiting to explode. I finally accepted it. The dog walkers saw me with only my underwear on cos I didn’t want my clothes to stock to me when I melt from the explosion. They called the ambulance. That’s the main part of it in a nutshell

They just sound EXACTLY like voices it can seem pretty cool if you think you’re spiritual or just absolutely scary if you realise you are ill.

But then there’s the thought ones too. Its like thought insertion maybe that’s what it’s called. You know it’s a psychotic thing cos you know it’s not your thoughts so it’s like your not in control

I don’t remember how it started because I was a little girl. I don’t remember how living without voices is.

When I heard my first voice, I was 5. She was confident and mean.
Later another negative voice came along, then a positive one.
Others came later.

I found when I tried to make the voices go away, they got louder and meaner. If I instead just ignored them or said “I won’t do that”, nothing happened.

I’ve had a lot of therapy to learn to deal with my voices and understand them. I am no longer scared of them or desperate to have them go away.

The mean voices have gotten milder as therapy has dug into why they’re there and what part of me they represent.

Did you guys’ voice go away with medicine? How long does it take for voice to stop?

Just think that I do every stupid command they say. I push the armchair with my head like a ram, I slap my cheeks, I open the window and after that I close it etc. I am silly, or what?

Reminds me of OCD those kind of commands

No, I have no obsessions, nor compulsive behavior. Just silliness by an hebephrenic voice
I have. When I hear dangerous or violent orders,
I don’t comply

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Just I meant those are the kinda things I had to do when I had ocd I’m not actually saying that you have ocd. Sorry for the misunderstanding

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No problem, my friend. I just said I don’t have it. It’s not an insult. Haha.

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