ProFrontal or Importing Vraylar to Europe with prescription (dunno price)? what to choose?

ProFrontal or Importing Vraylar to Europe with doctors prescription? what to choose?

I would like to try the medicine Vraylar instead of Abilify injections for positive and severe negative symptoms.

I have been taking Abilify for over a decade now… i’m willing to follow therapy voluntairy on Vraylar

Does it kill the negatives… or should i try ProFrontal, those vibrations in my p enis has gone away after months off just sarcosine. it induced this… i am 100% sure , just when it started to help even more…

Go with the vraylar. All the supplements are a hoax.
I personally tried vraylar for two days and then gave it up. It might be a good med for you though.
Pro frontal is cat ■■■■

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I would stay on aripiprazole and possibly switch to tablet version for more potent effects.

Those supplements will end up stimulating you more

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I am thinking Vraylar would cost about $700 per month without insurance.

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Vraylar seems like the more realistic option. Supplements don’t really cut it when it comes to schizophrenia.


ok, thanks for your replies people, i live in europe it’s gonna be hard to get vraylar and convince my psychiatrist

What’s the benefits of vraylar? As opposed to other aps

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I found Abilify to be less stimulating than Vraylar.

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