Probiotics question for nicehat

Got a question for you maybe you know. I’m taking an antibiotic and the Dr. suggested a probiotic. But there are so many on the market. I also eat yogurt everyday. I’ve been reading all your probiotic and immune posts and I have some immune system issues as well. My dermatologist recommended taking a daily probiotic too for my skin inflammations. I got overwhelmed at the pharmacy by all the probiotic choices and just choice a moderately priced one that had Lactobacillus GG as the main bug. Whats the best bug to get?

I started taking a probiotic a few months back when I started seeing a holistic nutritionist. It cleared my acne and I no longer get cravings for sweets. She told my mom and I that you get a bacteria called candida from taking antibiotics that makes you foggy, gives you cravings, and just makes you feel yucky. She said most of the yogurts don’t have the live bacteria because they kill them during the process of making it. There are some yogurts though that they add it after its made and therefore do work. You just want to get a probiotic that is refrigerated as that keeps the bacteria alive. We order ours online and it comes shipped in ice packs. We use Natren Healthy Trinity which has lactobacillus acidophilus 5 billion cfu, bifdobacterium bifidum 20 billion cfu, and lactobacillus bulgaricus 5 billion cfu. It is pricy though. Good luck finding one. :sunny:

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Will second what @SunGirl said. You need the refrigerated variety that contains live cultures. You can also get them in the higher end yogurts that advertise containing active bacteria (e.g. Activia). Don’t expect them to make much of a difference with mental health in terms of SZ symptoms, but you will feel better overall for taking them (my opinion).


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I may try Activia for the added digestive health -

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I also had acne that I didn’t like and as a teen was prescribed Tetracycline, which although it didn’t help, I kept on for years, it seems. Those were the days when the doctor could write a single script with unlimited refills.

After I had treatment for acne (that didn’t work), I needed treatment for schizophrenia.

Curiously, I was seeing a psychiatrist three times a week when I was in the mental hospital for nearly two years, and he was the one who solved my acne problem. Which is to say, I was 22 years old and asked him what to do with my acne, and he said he had friend who was a dermatologist and would ask him. About one month later, I was a clear skinned beauty and have been ever since.

I take a lot of friendly bacteria. I take a lot of OTC supplements for my health. I go to a specialist in the area of OTC nutrients. I do well.


I go to a Ph. D. who prescribes my OTC nutrients. I do well.

For the last many years, most of the nutrients he prescribes come from a company called Swanson.

Lately this doctor has me take Ultimate Probiotic Formula one capsule twice a day. Each capsule has about 65 billion viable organisms in it. There are twelve different viable organisms in this capsule.


I try to eat an activia every day and it does seem to help with my digestive health and blooding.

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