Privacy issues

the voices sometimes keep me company but more often than not they make me feel badly like some authority feels i need supervision.

at any rate i want my privacy pretty darn badly but it feels like i have none. makes me feel owned.



That’s life with voices. No privacy. Better get used to it. I know it’s possible. I’m pretty used to them. I only have to refrain from following their instructions. I feel stupid when I do.

I feel you. I grew up having no privacy and that was a huge trauma for me. Any sort of intrusiveness, from thoughts, voices, girlfriends, parents… Triggers me to feel like an enslaved child again. It’s very unpleasant.

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I don’t hear voices, but I feel that there is a force mocking me. Like if I feel optimistic listening to some music I like, then later if I make mistakes and feel depressed or negative one of those songs I like will start playing in my head like they are mocking me for trying to be optimistic.

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