Pressured to eat more when already full

My mother tried to force a dessert down my throat when I was full. It would really have hurt me. It was all I could do to stop her.
I was so angry, for years, I would snap at people “Don’t touch me”.
Food should not be a call to death.

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Can try walking away?

My mother I
Is bossy sometimes so I distract myself

I’m free. She’s dead and gone. Just struggling with bad memories, now.

I also have a freewill problem

Every time I eat my breakfast and lunch. I have no choice to eat a little more until my stomach feels tight

I blame the noises in my room. They trigger my mental illness

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Death by cake! The fatal ice cream.
Watch out for brownies, they have sharp edges. I used to know a guy who got put in a wheelchair from one peanut butter cookie. Dessert should come with a warning label on it.

A jelly doughnut changed my life forever. Oh well, better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.

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@77nick77, you’ve obviously never had an obesity problem. I’m serious about the pain of an overfilled stomach.

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MY parents used to force us to eat stuff we never liked or food that tasted badly and of course everything on your plate. Was one of the smaller things they did that was wrong and stupid but it all adds up over time to hating them

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Yes, but food is hardly a small issue. It should be at the top of the list.

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Hilarious tbh! at least you got fed i didnt i used to eat out of bins. You should be grateful your mum fed you

I guess I meant for all the stupid things they did to me it was not the worst one, Making kids eat more than they can stomach is just sad, form of abuse

I wonder. I think the pain is equal - of going hungry and of being overfilled. I just wanted to be knocked out until it passed.

I think your post is pathetic complaining about being overfilled what next? I wish i had a good meal when i was younger i grew up with my mum being an heroin addict i didnt have a dad no food no christmas presents. You had it easy pal complaining about a desert lol cry me a river

@YorkshireLad you’re way out of line. Don’t take that tone with @chordy. I won’t stand for it. Everyone suffers in their own way. Who are you to say what is abuse for someone else?

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Im saying eating a desert after your full isnt exactly abuse come on now death by cake lol try not eating at all living out of bins not eating for days thats abuse

I’m sorry you suffered, but she suffered too, I wish you could have the empathy to see that but obviously the cold hard streets made you too cold and hard to have a heart

Ive got an heart thank you very much but is post just struck a cord never in my life have i heard someone complaining about eating too much just found it funny looking back wish i had a mum who would cook me meals even give me desert sounds like a good mum to me.

Things aren’t always what they seem on the surface, there’s often more to the story. There’s a history there that you aren’t aware of. It’s not my business to say but trust me when I say you were out of line.

I wasnt out of line free speech i said my opinion and ill stick by it

Fine then, that makes you an idiot

Ok the desert monsters will get you dont sleep