Presidency and schizophrenia

So, as I am totally bored,
I asked AI can schizophrenic become a president, and it’s answer is “unlikely”

“It’s essential for a president, like any leader, to be mentally fit to fulfill their duties. If someone in a position of power struggles with mental health issues like schizophrenia, it could potentially affect their ability to govern effectively. However, a diagnosis would need to come from a qualified professional, and it’s crucial to respect individuals’ privacy regarding their health.”
So it’s for America, probably

In my country the rules are even more strict. In my country possible presidents has to undergo very strict procedures to understand whether they’re capable of being a president, or no.

And my personal idea is that being country leader is waaay to stressful for a person with schizophrenia.


I’m curious about the AI responding to “can a psychopath become president?”

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Wait, I’ll ask soon

The traits associated with psychopathy, like a lack of empathy or remorse, would likely be seen as concerning in a presidential candidate. However, whether someone with those traits could become president depends on various factors, including public perception, political strategy, and the assessment of the electorate. Ultimately, the voters’ opinions and the democratic process play a significant role in who becomes president.

It’s quite different from the one about SZ

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They can hide this pretty well.


Having seen the last two presidents in the U.S…



I’ve also asked AI about SZ and work.

“Individuals with schizophrenia can excel in various careers depending on their interests, skills, and the support available to them. Jobs that offer structured environments, flexibility, and understanding employers can be beneficial. Some options might include computer programming, graphic design, accounting, or roles in academia where tasks can be organized and managed based on individual abilities and preferences. Supportive work environments and access to resources like counseling and accommodations are also crucial for success.”

In my country we hear a lot about U.S. but not in the most concrete way.

I am kind of interested how everything is inside in U.S. because TV can make it look differently, not so accurate

Sorry but the AI is trying to stall the answer. It’s a pretty known issue that dark triad personalities thrive for positions in power.


Yeeeep I remember I read somewhere that psychopaths in one way or another rules the world.
Sad, but truth…
All the dictatorships and etc @dreamer54

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My aunt may be a psychopath. She is very high functioning.

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I believe I also know several people who could be atleast described as sociopaths…

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