Preparing for xmas


well this year i am giving more but spending less, except on my dad as he deserves a few more luxuries
i am also going to try to bake a gingerbread tonight to take to my parents for xmas dinner desert.



I’ve made gifts and been getting myself ready to go see people. It’s been a good season so far. Mellow and lucid. This is the first time in a long time I’ve enjoyed the holidays.

We don’t have a tree inside. It just seemed too odd to have a big tree inside when we got permission from the landlord to decorate the big tree just outside our kitchen window. Other neighbors have added decorations too. It’s turning into a very interesting tree.

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It snowed to night about7 inchs going to my sons house for dinner on xmas eve wellcome the new king day today as the moon passby. Winter is here thanks

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Tonight my family is getting together. I didn’t plan on going. It is in my nephew basement. It is a nice basement, but not when you put about thirty people in it. I have a good excuses for not going today. I’m flooded in. Two weeks ago it was ice with a foot of snow on top of it. So I could not go anywhere, Today it flash floods. Better to be flooded in then flooded out.
I will be going over to a friend house Christmas day. Including me there will be five people. More my size of a party.

From the country Ridgerunner

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I have done my Christmas gift shopping(mostly amazon vouchers) and most of my Christmas food shopping(just a few bits to get).

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