Premature ejaculation with illness

I quit masterbating for 3 months had loads of wet dreams so I decided to masterbate to the voices and came in 2minutes same with porn to either that or I struggle to maintain an erection I don’t want this to be the same for sex, is the same with you guys

well man you have to find a girl who likes your personality and finds you attractive… spend time with her and put no pressure on her for sex until she starts to want it (or not)… and if she does spend more time with her and kind of restrain from masturbating… let that real internal lust build up for her… Let yourself be blue balled a few times… what you really need is to enjoy the arrousal and not the orgasm… the plateau in the middle satisfies the bodies desire to satisfy the arousal… like the actual lust for the person… not just the desire to orgasm. You have be patient and find someone you are really looking for.

And man every guy has been in a state of mind where he goes prematurely… some times the adjustment to sexual activity from whatever the ■■■■ else was going on can be too drastic. Also some girls really know what they are doing.

but what really will get you past it is after you find a partner to have regular sex with you make that your only avenue for sex… and don’t be pushy… let the girl get it when she wants… you’ll get more tuned to her patterns and then you can kind of start to know when it’s coming or when it should be coming…

but actually desensitizing to the pure god ectasy of being inside the right kind of girl… well that takes exposure and in my experience every girl has been patient and understanding… but you gotta do the work on your end to make sure that you are getting your drive right. Also don’t let the experience psyche you out… get a good make out session in… get comfortable with the girl. Give her a heads up that you have been having issues recently that you don’t understand and that you might want help with. If she is the giver type she’s probably going to enjoy being the one to help you out with that.

then just ease into it… take it slow… you don’t gotta just pound it out or ■■■■ her as hard as you can… that slow sweet stuff is where it’s really at. The rest is just escapism among other things… I mean every girl is different. Communicate with them. If they actually like having sex with you then they probably are going to like letting you know what they want… and vice versa…

but man… sex is a very diversified experience… and frankly I don’t think many are truly good at it. A big cock and stamina go a long way… but even in those circumstances women won’t always climax.

there are a looooot of things you can do sexually that don’t involve penetration as well.

Really though what makes it the best is when you find a woman you actually want to please and it’s not just about you getting your pleasure it’s about watching her get hers… that totally divides the focus and takes the pressure off of you blind firing at her needs… just learn to read them.

Good luck man.

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