Methods to reduce sexual urges

Yes, this is yet another thread on sexual frustrations started by a (relatively) young man. Feel free to ignore it, totally understandable.

My sexual frustrations reduce my general ability. That was much further worsened by schizophrenia with delusions, hallucinations, etc. The good news is that in late march this year, delusions suddenly evaporated completely. The bad news is that sexual frustrations remained. What can be done about it without relying on therapists or medication? I just don’t have the money to spend on those.

Next is a less relevant bit for the curious.

I thought to myself that I would just have to fulfill my urges in a civilized manner. So I increased my efforts in working out to actually build muscle, instead of doing it like a grounding exercise.

It’s actually kind of funny, but I keep injuring myself. I injured my left shoulder and was unable to hold a cup or do pushups for a month, only to then injure my right shoulder. Some more months later, that is now, I think I started to have some heart or lung issues or something? I have difficulty breathing, feel tightness in my chest and overall feel so weak that I can barely stand. It comes and goes for at least five days now.

The reason I mention this in this thread about sexual frustrations specifically is that all of these health issues keep me from building muscle and therefore getting noticed and finally rob me of the potential chance to calm down mentally. So I figured I would look for another way to deal with this stupid issue of mine.

Honestly, you can be attractive without lots of muscle. Go easier on yourself


I used to be fine before schizophrenia, but years of being locked inside my head turned me into a wimp, so I am slowly climbing up. I got some gains, but still very far from where I want to be.


Don’t worry. Believe it or not many women don’t like super muscular guys. Just do your best and get out there.


Is it possible you contracted covid? Maybe take a covid test to rule that out.


I thought about it but it seems different. Especially considering that mild heart related medicine I had lying around seemed to ease the symptoms temporarily. I can’t know the English names for them. I used to have some such problems before, but never so intense and for five days in a row.

Obviously if it persists I will have to contact a specialist, but I am hoping that it would just go away for now.

What’s wrong with sexual urges? How do they “reduce your general ability”? I would suggest taking care of your sexual urges the tried and true, old fashioned way.

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Thinking about women takes the time away from me increasing my qualification or even doing simple chores. I won’t go into medical part of it, because there is a lot of stark disagreement on the matter. My issue borders on intrusive thoughts in scope.

Sure, as I mentioned I try to find a woman. But that takes time and might not work out at all. I thought some diet change or supplements would help me calm down, but I don’t know where to start.

Oh, OK. But I can think of women and have sexual fantasies about them and still have plenty of time to do chores, schoolwork, errands etc. Maybe you have a medical condition? When you’re young, sex is the spice of life. It’s a blessing, an escape and it’s natural. You’ll miss sexual urges when you get older. Not judging.

Yes, I do have a medical condition. That’s why I am asking for help.

+++ Maybe it’s easier to describe it as a pornography addiction. This isn’t exactly what I experience, but that would give the reader a general idea and why it interferes with my life. I did read articles on the matter on the Web for many years now, but there doesn’t seem to be even half a solution presented for it.

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I was reading this book. and it had herbs for everything. It had herbs to reduce sexual urges. One of them was seneca, as I recall. I got the herb they recommended, and it gave me diarrhea. That is as unsexy as can be.

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Maybe you’re a sex addict? They have 12 step groups for sex addiction.

The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it

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NO! I don’t think that’s true!


Prosecutors hate this one simple trick.


I get a strong urge every so often and I then masturbate to reduce the urge. I look at some pornography in the process. I don’t know if there is anything wrong with this. I decided I am going to try to resist the urge for a while.

There are things you can do to help get things under control with pornography. But the first step is that you truly have to want to be free of it, or at least get it to a level where you feel you can control it as opposed to it controlling you.

Installing a parental device on your phone or computer can be a good help to try and get rid of bad habits. It’s not fool proof, but making it harder to acsess gives you time to think before you act.

Also you should try to get out of the house at least once a day so you can connect to the environment. Just being around other people can be good on its own and take your mind off porn.

If you have the oppertunity, living with someone can also help you stay in reality.


Yes, I tried all that but I always relapse. I think not truly wanting to be rid of it is the issue. Even when I avoid pornography for weeks or months, I think of women daily, as embarrasing as it is. Not necessarily about laying them, but still.

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It’s about finding your balance. Most people have urges. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just have to find a way to deal with it that doesen’t affect your life negatively. I think it’s quite common for men to think about women. Nothing wrong with that. You are single. Maybe allow yourself once a week or every two weeks to have a fantasy. You could try to make up a person that doesen’t exist if that makes you feel better in fantasy.

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i’m really struggling. haven’t had a girlfriend in quite a while. i need love. my ex and i finally got in touch but shes now in TX not boston which would be easy to see each other. i don’t want to keep moving on. where the heck do you meet people? i could go be a regular at a bar or two but i hate public places. I mean good people really. it’s hard. i am suffering a lot like you.

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