Prefer pdoc visits over video?

Prefer Remote Psych Visits ?
  • Prefer remote visits
  • Prefer face to face visits
  • Don’t care either way

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I know I act different in person than over video. I am very nervous about being recorded. I say less dumb stuff face to face.

I don’t want the men listening in on my visits. They tap my phone and computer.

Mine has just been doing it on the phone. I am fine with that. I have been on the same meds for years. Usually he checks me thoroughly for TD though

i have yet to see my new pdoc face to face. every appointment has been done on the phone. i’ve had him almost a year.

I don’t see my psychiatrist except as needed, and I don’t really have any issues right now. I picked remote because I don’t have any transportation except walking, Uber, or the bus.

Apts are still on the phone here since first lockdown.
Didn’t matter for me.

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