Prazosin Report Night 1!

In case anyone else is interested in Prazosin. I’m taking it for my PTSD as it is incredibly difficult for me to both fall asleep and stay asleep at night. I was taking a benzo, Ativan, but was looking for a non-addictive replacement I could remain on long-term.

Last night was the first night I took only Prazosin to help me sleep. It went very well! I only woke up once during the night, and when I woke up I was calm and went back to sleep pretty quickly. I had no nightmares for the first time this week. Now I feel well rested.

Things to keep in mind–>It takes several hours to take effect, unlike Ativan which takes around 30 mins
—>It is only used off-label to treat PTSD sleep problems, on-label it is used to treat high blood pressure, so it noticeably effects my blood pressure which could also make it a concerning med to stay on long term

That’s my experience!


Oh also something people on here should know is that Prazosin is not sedating, and I was interested in taking it for that reason. (Because I hate sedatives) It works, I believe, by gradually lowering adrenaline in your body, making you calm over time and keeping you out of fight or flight mode. So anyone looking for a sedating med this is not right for you.

Thank you for writing this. I was wondering about it.

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