Powdered electrolyte waters

@anon94176359 recommended I try the little packets of electrolyte powders instead of getting the bottles to save money. I got some and I’m hooked. Really saves money and I don’t have to worry about recycling either because I just mix it in a glass.


Good for you! Glad you found something that you like


That’s awesome. I’m all about saving money and helping the environment. :+1:


What is the purpose of adding electrolytes to water rather than just drinking plain water?

A friend gave me a jar of electrolyte powder last year and it’s still sitting in my kitchen cupboard unused because I wasn’t sure what the purpose was.

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When I was really unwell I found that electrolyte supplements kept the demonic and panic attacks away. Somehow it was related to me being dehydrated.
They were hell and not fun to go through.
Just incase it might help someone here on the forum…

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Hmm. . .

Maybe A Slightly Cheaper Perhaps Healthier Substitution To GATORADE!.


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True, but isn’t Gatorade for replacing electrolytes if one is dehydrated, or exercising heavily or if one has diarrhea?

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Hmm?. . .

Not A Clue.

I Seen Commercial’s For Electrolyte’s A Long Time Ago.

I Honestly Don’t Know If They Still Sell The Stuff.


Gatorade tastes like sweat to me


If you’re not active or medically needing to replace electrolytes, there’s no reason to drink them.

Edit**** no benefit to drinking them.

Some of them just taste good, that’s reason enough for some people.


Sometimes I get sick of plain water. The electrolyte water has a flavor and vitamins. I try to stick to just one a day and drink regular spring water the rest of the day, but I cheat sometimes.

It’s just better for me than a pepsi because it’s made with splenda. I can’t do diet pepsi, it swells up my feet.

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I mix electrolyte supplement liquid into drinks called buoy, but i only drink it while or day after working out or skating. I sometimes get nauseous dehydrated.

But drinking it regularly gives me a hangover like headache and makes me very irritable and short tempered. I could come across as psychotic. Don’t know why.

Regular sports drinks like Gatorade does not give me this effect.

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