Anyone crave salt after you have drunk lots of water all day?

Just starting to warm up in Scotland. I have been drinking like 4 litres of water a day these last 3 days.

But today I have craved salt. I think I might have flushed through a lot of my electrolytes so my body needs more.

To get the salt I just made a bowl of fried rice with lots of soy sauce. Was legit


No i don’t crave salt. I only drink about 2 liters of water and maybe a 6 to 8 mugs of coffee a day. I usually get dizzy easily when i lack salt.


You probably did wash some electrolytes out. That’s too much water. I posted about polydipsia (psychogenic); you may want to look into that. 4 L isn’t the worst, but if it gets worse, you could get very very sick. And sodium may not be the only thing you’ve washed out.

Can you at least switch to an electrolyte drink until you get it sorted out?


Salt makes me drink more water.


When i sweat a lot i loose salt as well. Its really tricky to find the right balance. Similar with other herbs and spices, minerals and vitamins. Sometimes a bloodtest can help.


Thanks so much for the advice! It didn’t occur to me that this could be dangerous. Will buy some isotonic tablets for my water drinks

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I think this could’ve happens to me

I have a rare blood disorder. I’m limited to one liter of water a day. The disorder lowers the sodium level in my body. If I drank four liters it would kill me. If you need salt in your system eating table salt won’t fix your problem except make your sodium levels too high. I would see your doctor to stabilize it.


When I Drink A Good Amount Of Water I Don’t Crave Anything.

All Stays The Same Internally.

Odd Question.

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I like bacon if i need salt

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