Potato Eaters

Here’s the Vincent Van Gogh Potato Eaters oil painting. I have a theory that we will be considered affluent artists after we’re dead! Our posts live forever because @SzAdmin won’t ever delete anything and our real name is in cyberspace!

Everyone knows Van Gogh is a mentally ill artist from the 19th century, painted masterpieces when in the hospital.

This painting is scary…they look evil…damn potato eaters and their oddly shaped faces…still better looking than the damn spaghetti eaters…


I don’t think it’s (the painting) is that great either, do you?

Not my fav of his work…it conveys the dark struggle of the potato eaters of old I guess…its a little depressing…

Wikipedia says he sold only one painting while he was alive. That’s sad: he was screwed!

He sold only one painting during his lifetime and became famous after his suicide at age 37, which followed years of poverty and mental illness.

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I heard his buddy and him were getting lit in a tavern…his friend sliced vans ear off during an argument…but they told the police he cut his own ear off to prevent his friend from going to jail…

The story is that he sliced his own ear off and spent a lot of time painting masterpieces in the asylum, st rehme, in France

I heard that version too…but I’m unsure which is the correct one now…

Google is giving me conflicting stories…some are saying he did it for his brothers engagement and others are saying his friend Paul Gauguin cut it off in a drunken argument…

Gaugin has some great paintings. The French say Van Gogh cut off his own ear.

I guess we may never know…I kinda like the buddy story…he lost an ear and lied to authorities to keep his friend out of trouble…I don’t know if I have any friends I’d loose an ear to and not let the police have them…

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Tralouse latrec went crazy after catching syphillus from a prostitute, another famous artist mentally ill

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This was a great topic BTW…good info…too bad the forums are a little dead right now…

It just strengthens my belief that there’s a lot more to potatoes than meets the eye.

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potatoes have small amount of alpha lipoic acid

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