Vincent was one of us

Vincent van Gogh signed his paitings as Vincent so I’m going to call him Vincent from now on.

In the past I read letters that he sent to his brother that were revealing of indeed mental issues, but at the time no one could diagnose him so it remains a mystery. He was hospitalized a number of times in the years prior to his suicide, and he had hallucinations and manic episodes. His treatments were cold baths and to paint even more. Eventually he painted one painting a day, after his hospitalizations.

While he was at the Asylum he painted it’s gardens and did imitations of other artists.

I’m fasciscated by his works. Specially his drawings, I loved them.

He must have been an amazing person, had a lot of friends and soon after he died his friends made sure he would become famous.

It’s a sad story but beautiful none the less.

So here’s my homage to Vincent. He was one of us.



Oh i thought you were talking about me for a second. My first name is Vincent. I was all like “Was?? Oh no. What did i do?” Then I imagined that i got sucked into a time warp and i just walked out of the time warp to see everyone thought i went missing. Then it thought about the repercussion of doing that would be. Like are there strangers in what was once my living room right now and i hope the don’t think im jesus. Then i actually read the topic and was like “Ohhhh… I like seeing my name next to a heart.”



Lol! Sorry for triggering that emotional ride. Cool name you got there.

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Was Vincent alluding to The Raven and The Conqueror Worm in that painting?


Best wishes,

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Which painting are you refering to?

The Van Gogh pastiche he just posted.

Oh! Uhhh… Yeah. Sure. I did that on purpose.

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I play the song “starry starry night” but dangit I can’t remember the artist !? I have always adored Vincent’s work. sad he died the way he did.

Yes ! thank you. shew I couldn’t remember for the life of me. Yes I thought the song was “vincent” but “starry starry night” fooled me.

I thought you meant who is the artist who wrote and sang “Starry, Starry, Night”. Well, you weren’t but just in case someone wants to know who It was, it was Don McClean who also wrote and sang the mega-hit, “American Pie”.

One thing that is sad about his life is that he got almost no monetary reward or public acclaim during his life. He sold one painting. I think most painters back then didn’t get much for their work. Monet did, but I think he was the only one. Most of the Impressionists succumbed to alcoholism and syphilis. They lead short, wretched lives.

I am also fascinated by Vincent. Ty for sharing this Minnii

Yah know, according to Sartre Sz is the feeling of shy one experienced when he / she falls in the middle of things… Yep, I thought you were Jesus for sec, but no harm.

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Vincent’s birthday was today as well. Me and Vincent are birthday twins! Happy birthday Vincent :slight_smile: