Post your tasks, here

Pretty sure this is the third time I’ve made a thread, like this… :smirk:
Motivation is so difficult, especially when depressed, and so on.
Here’s where you can post your tasks (before and after pictures are welcome), and motivate each other to get them done, when we’re struggling.

I’m just coming out of a long depression, where I barely left my bed, because I didn’t have my meds. Can’t say what meds, because I get in trouble, everytime I talk positively about it on here (so subtle, wow). Before I run out, and go back to being a lump, again, I’m trying to get my house clean, because it exploded.
I have so much to do, today, but I have zero energy, and my limbs hurt. This will be fun…

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I’m going to start off with the kitchen, because it’s the worst.

Before (sorry, it’s bad):

After, coming soon.

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Here is mine. What a mess!

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It took me a while to post the update, because my sister came back and kept making messes.
I cleaned it again, last night. :slight_smile:

@FatMama, how is yours coming?

This week’s task: My horrible bedroom.

I feel like this one is going to take me ages…

I need to read for a hour, write for a hour, and walk for half a hour. And do a four minute high intensity interval workout today. I’m not sure I wil achieve it all

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Not so good lol

My kitchen Might take awhile

Definatly a guy kitchen


Well at least none of you are like those mentally ill people who are hoarders.

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Not with that attitude… You got this. :wink:

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My mother is one of those people (a mild hoarder, not as bad the people on tv). It’s very stressful, that’s for sure.
In my attempt to not be like that, I’ve turned into a bit of an OCD, neat freak.

Mine is mostly work stuff, I collect stuff over the summer busy season and sell in in January when my income is low

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That does not make you a hoarder. Lol
Hoarders cant let go of anything. My mom has two sheds, and an entire basement full of stuff from the last 15 years, she doesn’t even know she has.
She has to hold on to everything, “In case of an emergency” or in case one of her kids needs extra. She has a stash under her stairs of tons kitchen stuff. Pots, pans, appliances and stuff in bulk, in case one of her kids “needs extra”.
You’re a business person, not a hoarder.

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First task today, I have to finish making this plant hanger. Then I have to hang it and deadhead the plant.

This is a temporary hanger. I’ll make a better one, when I have better materials.

Now I’m going to get started on my mending pile, while I watch TV.

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