Some motivation finally

I’ve been very blah for weeks. yesterday I think I was hypomanic. Had energy and got the litter boxes changed and cleaned the floor in my bedroom, then washed clothes and sorted some.

Today I got the living room straight and vacuumed. Took the recycling to the center, got garbage out, and put away some canned food.

I still need to do dishes and make dinner but I feel happier with myself.

What have you done? Any little thing counts!


You got a lot done!

I’ve done little to nothing today,

I need to clean, I have company coming next week.

I’m just really distracted by this mother in law/hospital thing.

I did make my bed, like I always do and took the dogs out two times.

Need to get my upstairs swept and de-cluttered.


I need to wash the dishes, but I really don’t feel like it. I don’t think it’s a negative symptom. I’m just being lazy.

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I made myself food today and cleaned up my ex’s mess immediately upon getting home from the hospital (because he is a manchild and won’t clean up after himself).

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I oscillate between psychomotor retardation and psychomotor agitation. I can’t do anything

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I wish I experienced hypomania. Used to before I got sick. I could use the motivation and productivity. I’m tired of depression.

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