Another Productivity Thread (with pictures!)

After a month of being so out of it, I barely remember anything, I finally have some clarity and energy.
Today, I looked around at my room and it’s just awful!
I decided to make another productivity thread for anyone else who is struggling with motivation for backed up tasks.
Post before and after pictures, so we can see the task complete.


Here is the before picture of my room.
Warning, it’s really bad…
This picture is only of the area where my bed is. I don’t even want to post the other half, haha.

So this is what psychotic depression looks like:

After photo coming soon. :wink:


Several hours and many distractions later…

I’m glad I did this, it was really motivating. I might pick some new tasks to try, tomorrow.


Dude, good job! I could see a pair of your undies on the floor in the first pic… I’m SO glad I go commando! Your second pic looks excellent.


Thanks, feels good to have my room back.
And there’s definitely undies in the first picture, and a bra, too. Oh well, haha.

Yes…but WHOSE undies are they? Lol.

Haha, only mine, I swear! :flushed:

Seriously, despite my sz problems, I am a clean freak with my place… it’s cuz my mom was a hoarder and it drives me crazy if I don’t have things organized and sparse. You did a good job, way to stay productive.

Honestly, I’m the same. And I’m constantly donating/ throwing things away, feeling like I have too much stuff. However, when I get really bad, I just can’t keep up on anything, and my place explodes.
I’m actually surprised that in my state of mind, I still managed a system of clean clothes on the bed, and dirty ones on the floor. Haha.

My clothing system is much simpler…I wear the same clothes for a week! It’s weird I keep my place spotless but can go a week without changing clothes or taking a shower. I honestly just don’t care…but I freak out if I go to bed and leave a dirty dish in the sink.

I like the idea of before and after pics, good idea, I should try it too.

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We’re all different, I guess. :wink:
The most I’ve worn the same clothes for is three days, haha.

Today, I will be working on my mending and sewing projects. Also music.
Not sure I’ll be posting pictures, though.