Post your favorite radio station

Mine is Suomipop, it plays a lot of Finnish music and you can listen it on the net too. I listen it on my cellphone.

I rarely listen to the radio. I hate commercials and DJs. I usually only listen to hear about the local news, weather, road conditions, or closings. This radio station is cool for local news. They have a announcer that has been working there like 100 years. Dave Malarkie. He’s cool.

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Spirit Radio, broadcast in Ireland. Its a Christian radio station.

I don’t often listen to the radio… I’m already distracted enough behind the wheel.

The few times I have listened to the radio… I end up hearing stuff that makes me upset the rest of the day.

I like NPR. Prairie home companion, the news shows

I mostly listen to Q102, which is a Philly station that plays pop music. It’s good background noise in the car, though I turn it down if I’m driving with someone else so I can talk to them.

Rhapsody and or spotify.
Yes these cost $10 a month but that is cheaper than meds and works quicker.

I like to choose all the songs and have a long list after reading my favorite prog rock web sites.
I used to like pandora but I already know how to find new music and don’t need their help.

I have an account with RDIO ( Love it. Also spend a lot of time on, and publish my own mixes to


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I’m also enjoying RDIO

I dont really listen to the radio, it kind of annoys me when I am driving - I go to youtube for my music usually - I dont listen to music too much on my iphone - I do enjoy playing the guitar once in a while

Both have apps too.

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I listen to talk radio. Not sure of the name of the station… Newstalk wsb? Maybe.

i like all stations that play 60.’ s music…OLDIES RULE !!

How do you find new music?

I’m the same way only for different reasons, I hate commercial breaks and 99% of the time the radio just makes me want to buy more music that I can’t really afford to buy, not to mention a lot of times the radio plays music I hate. Rare occasions I do listen to the radio I listen to either Z1707.7 which is a top 40 type station, or I go to 106.5 the Arch which plays a variety (I like this station because their motto is they never play the same song more than once a day). Or I like easy listening music 102.5, or the oldies station 103.3. But 102.5 from now until the new year will only play Christmas music so that limits the amount of time I spend listening to that station.

I like I heart radio spotify and pandora.

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When I was in high school the most popular radio station was an all-rock station called KOME.
Their slogan: "KOME—“the Kome spot on your radio”.

Thanks. Those look interesting.

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I like to read websites and online magazines about Progressive rock.
There are also lots of articles about Progressive Metal.
If you search for articles about groups that you know you like, you may run into websites that talk about those artists AND groups that sound like them.
That’s what Pandora does also, but they have commercials and I don’t like what they suggest or I already have it.
Utube will give you suggestions if you search for an artist.

There is one site I like DPRP - Dutch Progressive Rock Page that has tons of CD reviews.
The radio in the USA is terrible and they push people with no talent and take all their money.
I listen to suggestions on Spotify and Rhapsody and pick the ones I like.
There is more music out there then I have time for. Free streaming of some prog examples.
But many in USA don’t like prog but its popular in Europe, they have better taste I believe.

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On the radio, my favorite stations are 97.5 and 105.3. These stations play R&B predominantly.