Post your favorite radio station

I listen to SverigesRadio on my cellphone while I deliver papers overnight. They have lots of channels to choose from–music, news, talk programs. is a good site and you can listen to full albums for free, I use it to explore music in dark ambient/drones but it also has other kinds of music as well. I’ve also bought several full length albums from them at reasonable prices, they accept pay-pal as a payment option if you don’t want to use your credit card (since many of the artists I like come from over seas my bank is really quick to close my account when they think it’s being misused, which is why I like paypal… I use Spotify to try out new music, I used to like pandora but canceled the account because I wasn’t using it much, I’m thinking about using it again though. RDio is another good music site for listening to full albums, but I think spotify has more of a selection than RDio.

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Where I live the choices on the dial (terrestrial radio) are rock or country. I favour EDM, classical, and blues. I don’t mind old rock, but I’ve already heard most of it too many times. Like to keep exploring the frontiers. So it’s Net radio for me. I also have fun trolling Youtube looking for unusual covers of popular songs:

( @jukebox : Banjo, d00d!!! )


Not available in Canuckistan (Canada). :frowning:


I’m choosing between Rdio and Tidal. Do you know anything about tidal?

Gives access to local radio and net radio and has genre and artist searches.

A 1970’s rock station. KOME 98.5.
“The KOME spot on you’re radio dial”. With Dennis Erectus.

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