Post ur cat!

one of three cats which live in our house

her name is artemis, she’s a year and a couple months old. i think she suffers from generalized anxiety disorder. shes loses her ■■■■ when the vacuum cleaner turns on.

please post ur cat, maybe just a pic, maybe talk about their personality


heres our second cat apollo, hes artemis’ boyfriend. their both fixed but sometimes he used to mount her. it never amounted to anything though, on account of he was going by instinct and didn’t really know what he was doing.


finally heres pepper, my sisters cat. she used to be a bully beating up on timid artemis and generally being agressive when she first arrived. artemis would just have this unbelieving look on her face the whole time like, is this really happening. now pepper is a real sweetie to everyone but has claustrophobia. she hates being boxed in and tends to bolt if trapped in a corner. she can move surprisingly fast for such a chubby cat.

and she has cool emerald eyes


This is Ivan. He is a cuddly liquid cat that is hard to keep in your lap. Not because he doesn’t want to be there, but because he slips right through the cracks and off the sides. He is a liquid :slight_smile:

This is Nick. He is more like me than Ivan (if you are one of those that think owners are like their cats, Nick and I would provide provide proof for that theory). He is suspicious of everyone including me. He will bite people when he is tired of getting petted which happens soon after you start. We are both learning how to interact still. He is learning to just mock bite and I am learning to back off before he feels a need to do this. (I also cannot tolerate long social contact or conversations.) He is still my cat and I love him despite his social issues. And he loves me too.


Describes any dog or cat I’ve ever owned.

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This is roxy. I talk about her a lot on here so I’ll keep it short this time. Spoiled princess. Loud, likes to talk. She’s a 3rd gen bengal. She’s calmed down now that she’s older but she used to be crazy hyper. I got her when I was 5, so she’s around 16 now.

This is lucipurr! She’s a sweet gentle kitty. Wish I could have found a better photo of her


Wait I take that back. Here’s a better picture of lucipurr


See, that’s when I like cats the best. When they’re sleepy or content and their eyes are half-closed and they’re mellow. Normally their eyes are wide open like they are wired.


I need to think of a creative name for my cat when I get one.


How about “Catsrcool”?


Haha, nice suggestion. I want to come up with something punny, like Lucipurr.


Yeah, I liked that one too.


My friend told me something funny after I named her lucipurr. He said wouldn’t lucifur still be a pun? Since cats have fur and all. Lol. :smile:


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