Possibly Misdiagnosed- Schizoaffective

Hello! I’m fairly new to this site. I was recently diagnosed with Schizoaffective, bipolar type about a month ago. I was okay with the bipolar but it felt odd because I never thought I would have schizo symptoms but after much research, I’ve concluded that I did have some of the symptoms. Mostly auditory hallucinations and delusions. However, after explaining to my therapist about my hallucinations, she told me that everyone has those “thoughts”. I felt really bad because I thought I actually had an answer to my confusing life. So I’m going to describe some of my symptoms and maybe I could get different opinions!

  • I believe I have superpowers that God gave me
  • I have two main “people” in my brain. One is the good guy and One is the bad guy.
  • Both have a particular voice. The good guy makes the good decisions while the bad guy gives me irrational thoughts such as suicide and words of low self-worth.
  • I attach special meaning to events with religious imagery or objects
  • I have body dysmorphia as well which makes me believe I’m a specific body size even though people tell me it’s not true.
  • I talk to these people in my head and they make most of my decisions. I also talk to God and He respond as well.
  • Sometimes, the evil voice tells me to kill myself and encourages my depression.
  • I respond well to antipsychotics. Currently taking abilify and Prozac for depression. I am having less conversations with the people in my head and making my own decisions rather than looking for the voices.
    It’s pretty common to get misdiagnosed but if I don’t have Schizoaffective disorder, what could it be? Just bipolar with psychosis? The reason I don’t believe i have schizophrenic symptoms is because my grandiose delusions or “voices” are not as severe or interfering as others. I can still function. Just not when I’m at my depressive low. That’s when Ed (the evil guy) gets loud and it’s hard to shut off.

The good news is you sound like you have a lot of insight into what’s happening to you.

None of us here are doctors so we can’t diagnose you.

I wish you all the best in your recovery.

The differences between schizoaffective and bipolar disorder are so minor they might as well not exist. People on this site frequently bounce between schizoaffective and bipolar diagnoses every time they get a new doctor. If you feel better identifying with one over the other, then just call yourself that.

The basic difference is that people with schizoaffective experience psychotic symptoms all the time, and people with bipolar disorder only experience psychotic symptoms when they are manic. From what you described, you sound like you have psychotic symptoms all the time. But really, it doesn’t matter. Bipolar disorder has less negative stigma associated with it, so it makes sense you would rather identify with that.

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