Possible Schizophrenia?

Hello, first off is that I’m new here. I joined in hopes of finding some answers and/or suggestions on what to do. I am 17 right now, 18 as of September 2nd

Anyway, about 5-6 years ago this all began (yes its been a really long time and it is a super-risk)

At that time I had been super paranoid, had anxiety, occasional voices and hallucinations would occur as well. It randomly ceased for a few years and had just shown back up about a year or two ago. I never thought anything of it being raised from a super religious point of view I had always thought I was just experiencing things from the other side. I now realize I am probably wrong.

I can still recall what I believe was a first episode, which involved me screaming and whining for it to stop. At the time I was hearing things that weren’t there, including voices. I was under the impression the government had gotten into my mind. At one point I hit the floor screaming “Get out of my head!”
Its been years and I still get the shakes recalling that incident, it was so bad.
(I’d like to add that my mother also had problems with voices for a while)
After that incident the voices kept hitting harder and harder, along with severe hallucinations. A recent experience I had was that I woke up and seen people sitting at the table in the kitchen. My bed was in the living room. One of the people there was standing up, he lunged at me. I yelped and it all disappeared. That moment felt as if it were some sort of cutscene.
I also seen a fully bodied shadow person,twice. Once it passed me in the school hallway, another time it walked across the yard and disappeared at the trash pile I was walking towards. For some reason I had thought it was normal and went on with my day.

I also got a recurring face, twice. One time it popped up in a window and another time it was trying to talk to me while in school.

The shadow people and faces all happened around the first (what I believe) episode. After about a year or two of dealing with the hallucinations and voices it had randomly toned down a whole lot. Almost non-existent. It then popped back up, I was then under the delusion that I was an angel sent from heaven to try and save some people who didn’t believe. After a while people became concerned and brought up the possibility of Schizophrenia. I ignored them and kept on for a while longer, I then finally came to my senses that something had gone horribly wrong and started researching. I talked to a psychiatrist and he said it was a high possibility. I never got a diagnoses.

I researched into it and finally managed to bring myself to want to acquire more help. The voices have been getting worse and I can no longer believe what I see or hear. People have pointed out that my voice had become barren and face became emotionless. I hadn’t noticed until they had pointed it out.
I have also been having a major distrust of hospitals. Thanks to that I am now walking on a detached pinky toe and have a crooked finger. Due to my belief of my toothbrush being poisoned I had quit brushing my teeth, now I’ll probably get a few pulled.
I’ve managed to regain my mind just enough to realize this but I’m afraid I may have waited way too long.

What do you guys think? (If you wish for additional information feel free to ask)

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It is often common for individuals with schizophrenia to experience delusions and hallucinations of a religious nature. That can mask the symptoms for a long time, as it creates denial of true mental illness.

But it sounds like you’ve regained enough rationality and insight to realize that you might have a mental illness. This is very GOOD.

You should definitely see a psychiatrist as soon as possible. They are the only ones who can provide an accurate diagnosis.

There are many, many treatment options that can alleviate your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

There are also many members here who are thriving and successful from the use of medications. You might find their stories inspiring.

Welcome to the forum, and please, get help.




Thank you. I plan on it very soon, I’m suppose to go to a normal doctor here in a few weeks, there I’ll tell them and they can get me on the right track. I have almost no doubt in my mind that I have developed it. I just need a official diagnosis so I can actually get things moving.

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Very good! Talking to your general practitioner is a great start. He or she can refer you to a psychiatrist whom they’ve worked with and trust.

Best of luck and positive wishes!



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Is there anything important I should bring up? This is my first doctors visit in years.

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I would write down all your history and symptoms, just as you’ve done in this post. That way, you’ll have the necessary information organized and at your finger tips.

That way, you’ll have a clear mind and be ready to answer any questions the doc may have.

If possible, also try to get the records from your visit to the psychiatrist you mentioned in your post. This might have some information that you’re not aware of that might be beneficial and helpful to the new doc’s diagnostic process.




Alright, thanks. As for the psychiatrist thing thats kind of hard because we only spoke once and then never again. Some things came up.
I do however remember some of what he said. One thing being that I may have to sign myself into a psychiatric hospital at some point.

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A hospital is a good place to be when you’re just trying out meds. You have three square meals a day at set times, so you’ll get on a good schedule. It will be easier for you to report your symptoms, because you’ll have access to a psychiatrist often. If your psychiatrist told you to go to a hospital it is probably best to do it.

I wish you a full and speedy remission. Come back here and keep posting once you get out.

That is if I do go, I’ve been highly considering it but I also have to think of school. I’m a senior in highschool and I’ve been lagging way behind due to anxiety and other problems. Hopefully after I do get a diagnoses I can get myself fully on track.

Thank you guys for the support.

Go see a qualified doctor or psychiatrist. No one here is qualified to give you a diagnosis.


Thats already in the plan, I didn’t expect a diagnoses. I honestly don’t know what answers I were looking for.

Also I’m curious as to what can constitute making me stay living here. I’m turning 18 in less than a month, I have a place I can go that can remove stress but I don’t know if they’ll try to have me stay here.

Just a little thing to the side: Usually when I try to discuss to others about the voices I will hear them yell at me to stop. Trying to tell me to reject any possible help. I’m clearly not listening to them.

That really sounds like schizophrenia to me. Also I know just how you feel when you thought people were in your head. When the voices started that’s what I thought too and I swore at them for two hours straight yelling at them to get out of my brain. When it happens and you believe it is real it’s the scarriest thing on earth.


It sounds like you should go to one of these sites for an evaluation - they will be able to help you. The sooner the better:

Early Psychosis Treatment center information in these two links

Psychiatric Treatment Centers affiliated with Medical Schools in the USA

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Good luck, Peavy.

I’ve sat in the offices of lots of psychiatrists; all of them were bright, and some of them were folks I could like.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”


I don’t live anywhere near any of those, I do live near a hospital however. It also has a psychiatriatric hospital in it.

Thanks, everyone for your suggestions. Ill be sure to do what I can

I don’t want to have to start a new topic so I’m going to ask this here.
How long would a diagnoses take for someone who has a large number of the symptoms?

Please, anyone?

Also I just realized this was also ignored.
“Also I’m curious as to what can constitute making me stay living here. I’m turning 18 in less than a month, I have a place I can go that can remove stress but I don’t know if they’ll try to have me stay here.”

I am really nervous about this and I know you guys know more about this than I do.

thought i would say hi.
take care

Its really hard as of right now since I don’t know what to expect, its really eating at me. But thanks

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Generally the doctors say that you have to have active symptoms for 6 months before they would give anyone a diagnosis - but that also varies by doctor. some doctors are in no hurry to give people diagnosis - because there are downsides to giving a diagnosis (its an inexact science still) - and they frequently change over time (the diagnoses).

The most important thing is to get treatment for the symptoms. The diagnosis really doesn’t matter (in my opinion)

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Not sure what you were asking here - are you talking about living in a hospital?