Possible mania issues

I think I’m on the cusp of a manic episode. My family is dismissing it even though I have a diagnosis and my dad said to stop diagnosing myself. I’m so upset. Im incredibly amped up and agitated, and I have slept less than an hour the passed two or three nights. My diagnosis is sza bipolar type IDK why everyone is dismissing me.

Me, I dont expect anyone to read this, I just needed to vent. I’ve been doing great the last six months, but this summer semester is incredibly stressful and I think I is triggering an episode. I left a message for my pdoc, but I doubt I’ll hear from her until Monday

EDIT: Also, my body burned right through my full dose of sleeping meds without making me blink an eye the passed two nights.

Do you think you can hold out till Monday?

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Yeah, I don’t feel like its an emergency. Around my area they only admit you if you’re a current danger to yourself or others, and I am most definitely not. They also don’t like to adjust your meds when you have a primary. The county I live in is horrible for urgent psychiatric care that isn’t at emergency levels.

Thanks for responding.

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My family Says that crap to me too I think they just don’t want to accept the illness. It doesn’t sound like you’re making it up at all

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I’m sorry you get dismissed too. Thak you for the reassurance.

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Also I want to be clear it very well could be something else. Idk, it’s weird that I’m burning through my meds without being sleepy at all. My self efficacy doesnt feel elevated like it does when I’m manic, but I feel high strung and pissed off, like everything is agitating me. I’m not tired but my head is killing me.


Look up mixed episodes if you don’t know. That’s what that sounds like to me, can’t sleep high strung.

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