Positivity for your day

I just blogged. It started out complaining about everything ive lost. But then i started thinking about all ive gained. I have a new perspective of the world. I like to watch the plants grow. I like to listen to the rain. I like to look up and see the stars. I appreciate the beauty of a sunset. Ive gotten closer with my family. So much stuff that i was missing out on for so long because i was to ill and to young to appreciate it.

Life is really what you make it. And its okay to feel down sometimes. But the most important part of life is picking yourself back up. I just had this epiphany (epipha tree). So im going to bed on a positive note. And maybe a slightly manic note.


Indeed! There’s something to be said about positive thinking. That’s basically a hundred self-help books boiled down to the meat and bones.

Of course on the other hand, when things are rather dismal there’s nothing wrong with feeling like caca!


I love your attitude. I’m really happy for you.

I used to keep a sign on my refrigerator that said “I choose to be happy”. I looked at it everyday and since then I’ve made an effort to do just that

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I love the simple pleasures in life! Nature is so soothing! Watching the birds and the sea and drinking a coffee with my husband . It makes one feel less hopeless somehow

And gratitude is so important!

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