Positivity Post

I want to start something positive because I know we surly all need some positive influence in our lives after dealing with all the stuff we do.
So I’ll start off with y’all being really supportive of everyone on this site even if they’re being stubborn at times, keep up the good work! I’m also in a good mood today so I wanted to share the good vibes.


I slept a little later then normal and I feel rested. It’s awesome to know I have a good mood and the whole day ahead of me. I’m going to physical therapy today. I’ll be tired from all the exercise but I’ll get a nice massage out of it. I hope everyone on this forum has a happy, healthy and blessed day! Thanks cipher this was a good idea.

Well good to hear you’ve got some good things to look forward to! Some times we all tend to focus on the negatives and can’t get out of the hole of darkness because of it. I appreciate your positive commentary and wishes!

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good thread… I like your avatar…i just started season 2…

Thanks on both notes!
I’ve thoroughly watched it roughly 3 or 4 times and have no complaints, it’s a pretty good show.

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Perfect Thread. Thank you Cipher. Music almost maybe 50% of the time can help me deal with mild anxiety or panic. Wonderful stuff, couldn’t live without it! :slight_smile: There’s a song called “Stolen Promises” by Chase the Tide on youtube. Instant mood lifter. I’m a newbie, well to the site not to the illness. So far I’ve seen lots of support and understanding which is very welcomed. Let’s share and spread the good/posi vibes.