Positive Symptoms Coming Back

I think my Abilify stopped working, or at least not working as well. I’ve been having some disturbing hallucinations, and a ton of intrusive thoughts, usually suicidal. My ability to think through them and determine that they’re irrational is still intact, but I worry I won’t stay that way.

I see my doctor next month, I think I’m going to ask him what my options are. Unless things get worse before then, in which case I’ll have to call and see if I can come in sooner (and I hate making phone calls, so that’s a last ditch effort).

Phone calls suck, but you should at least call and let your doctor know. Maybe they will want to move your appointment up. Like you said, your reasoning is intact for now. Why wait and risk losing that advantage?

Has anything extra stressful been going on in your life lately? I have more symptoms when I’m dealing with something upsetting.

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Stressful? Well, my husband’s car needs to be fixed, so I’ve been driving him to work and back every day. He works 3rd shift, so I’m getting up early in the morning to pick him up. That’s pretty stressful. Other than that, I’ve been trying to keep my stress level down as much as possible. And I do have more symptoms when I’m stressed or tired, and I haven’t been sleeping well either. I guess I should see about fixing those problems, though the sleep thing will require a sleep study and maybe one of those CPAP machines, we’re pretty sure I have sleep apnea.

Oh no! Yeah, get the sleep study. Sleep apnea can be serious business.

Sometimes, there is a need for a temporary increase in dose.

How long have you been on abilify? I’m on it too, and it worries me sometimes that it might stop working.

I’ve been having (slight) breakthrough symptoms recently.

I’ve been on it for about 2.5 years.

That’s about how long I’ve been on it. I don’t think it’s completely stopped working, I think my dosage just needs to be raised a bit.

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