Positive Psychology’s Fascinating Facts

Fascinating Fact #1: Acceptance
Counteringcravings – all in your head?
with more people becoming overweight and obese, many are prone to eating
unhealthily. Food cravings, which are an intense urge to eat a particular
food, have been linked to overweight and obesity. There are many options
to help people eat healthier, like point systems and calorie -controlled eating. But, as
cravings start in the mind, can the mind be used to stop them?
People often try to tame food cravings through suppression, where one recognises that
they are thinking a thought too much and try to stop it. However, the unwanted thought
is kept and this strengthens cravings rather than weakening them.
Researchers from Maastricht University taught a group of overweight and obese adults
to accept their food cravings. After seven weeks, this group reported lower food
cravings, reduced loss of control when near food cues and reduced reinforcing value of
food than the group that did not receive this training. It is speculated that recognising
and allowing, rather than forbidding, one’s thoughts to be presentreduces their power.
“As the dose decreases, the effect becomes more potent, more
profound. The closer things get to nonexistence, the more
exquisite and evocate they become.”

My mom taught us to eat any foods we wanted when we wanted, just not as much as we wanted. None of us kids were ever overweight even though my brothers teased me everyday about how fat I was, looking back on my pictures growing up, I looked pretty skinny!
We always had a giant basket of sweets near the kitchen, mostly chocolate candy bars, and most friends would come unglued when they found out it was nothing special-qnd yes, they could eat it without guilt.
There isn’t anything I wont eat if I want some, but I don’t usually want much because I know I can eat it anytime.


I have some coffee and chicory ice cream waiting at home for me. I manage to stay pretty thin, because of genetics and running. I eat what I want, but I try to include fruits and veggies with every meal. My medicine makes me lose my appetite.

I think retraining the brain is an important part of trying to quit any habit.

I’m not perfect. I let my weights roll under the couch (we have a high couch ;)) and they’ve been there for the past couple of weeks. :blush: