Positive changes in me

Without saying much, I’ve been coming out of my comfort zone lately.

Doing a whole lot of things normies would do.

From traveling to different countries to driving further away to do my shopping.

I even managed to take an elevator by myself with a big fear of elevators in general.

Something is happening with me and I’m not used to this but I’m darn proud of myself.

Even though I have a large professional support system it all boils down to me.


That’s great good for you


Yeah it does boil down to us and it sounds like your feeling well or a lot better. I can’t manage much having so many symptoms :tired_face:

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This is great to hear.

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Wow @Wave that’s great to hear! Happy for you! I’m doing relatively well too but not out of my comfort zone

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Thanks @Hadeda!
Glad to hear your doing well :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @Charles_Foster @Ducky @Twialine!

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