Porridge brain

Message to my pdoc i thought id share with you guys too.

This morning my thoughts are muddled. Wrote in my journal and my thoughts are mixed up piled on top of each other unfinished sentences brain pouring out like water gushing out unstoppable then blank stop start stop start then off it goes again brain feels like mush like Alien using a spoon and stirring it like porridge. is my meds making me ill? Why now? Blank…many things … I’m sorry I’m writing so much just thought I’d update you and … and let you know what’s going on.

Then I go blank and fog sets in then lucid then foggy then lucid then foggy then jumbled then foggy then lucid etc etc. Wtf is going on with me? It’s not hypomania bcuz I’m feeling foggy as well. It felt this morning like my brains pouring out and then freezing and Alien mixing it up. Then I’m ok again.

Does Alien talk now?

No I’m not hearing him at moment

I guess I must just suffer alone. All my pdoc replied with when I wrote the above first paragraph to him was :+1:

Mental illness is a very lonely thing

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